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ACDSee 7 is out

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One of the best Image management softwares new version is out, ACDSee 7 is out, it is said to be about 70% faster then ACDSee 6, which was really slow & 40% faster then ACDSee 5.1

Go to acdsee.com to get the trial, a must in the november CD or DVD, the trial is 14.76 MB


The Photoshop Guy
cool acdsee is the best image viewer but needs registration :(.
Well we have other way too :p . BTW irfan view is cool too :D

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I just got ACDSee 7 Powerpack, before this I was using ACDSee 6 standerd, good thing is that if U want U can simply buy the product & enter the key in the trial version to make it full, it asks for the key & mode if installation, trial or full, remember full requirs a key, legit, U also need to activate it by the net like NAV2004

The standerd version trial should be included in the November CD, good product, faster then 6.03, but still, I guess a new 7.1 or 7.01 update would be good soon, it will come by Decembar, it still starts slow, but after that it's a ziffy to use it


Yes, Rajat

I use both Compu pic and ACDSEE 7 power pack.

Acdsee is a good one now...They give updates & new versions oftern.But compu pic won't do like that.

Cool Options also there.

Activation was done within 30 seconds..


In the zone
ya love acdsee... got the version 6 power pack.. its awesome...
but damn slow man... lose my er........ by the time i flip to the next pic ..lolz


Right off the assembly line
I had not tried this new version but I can surely say that Irfan View is much faster and lighter application, moreover it does not need installation to run just copy it from any previous folder and it will work fine hence can be used for autorun cds!


I have ACDSee 6.03 Powerpack and just downloaded ACDSee 7. Will install and see how it goes, but I have always found ACDSee getting slower and slower with each version
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