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DVD Writer problem

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hi guys. I am facing a strange problem with my dvd writer. It is a Sony DRU-820A one & half years old. I use nero 6 to burn dvds. nero shows a pop-up that burn process is completed successfully. Then when I enter the DVD in the tray , I can see all the files but cannot run anything. Whenever I try to run anything from the dvd , system hangs. Only ejecting the tray solves the matter. Is it time to send it to service centre or buy a new 1? Plesae help me in this matter.

My system config : P4 2.8Ghz, D945GNT mb,2*512 ddr2 533mhz ram,160gb hd(hardly 10gb empty space only) running Win XP SP2.

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1st off tell us does dvd burned by your drive runs in other system?

Also try after cleaning & deragmenting ur system's HDD as well.


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You need to repair your DVD writer. If in the warranty then give them to repair it.
A lot of problem i am hearing about the Sony DRU-820A. Also i see that writing speed is more slow than LG DVD writers.
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