1. I

    zophop - Redefining Commute

    Commuters like students, professionals and people who are travelling often face problems due te various reasons like bus timings, train schedule, bus stop locations and what not. Sometimes, we have half information that can render a lot of difficulty as well. That is where zophop will come...
  2. G

    Train from Spain: Talgo to run trial runs of faster trains in India

    Less maintenance - Train from Spain: Talgo to run trial runs of faster trains in India | The Economic Times Spain’s Talgo to speed up Indian railways trains, to cut Delhi-Mumbai travel time by 30Â*pc | The Financial Express
  3. Flash


    Mannerisms affect a lot, not only you but also the people around you. Share the good/bad mannerisms (yours or encountered) here, so people who're having bad mannerisms (as good or not aware of), may have a chance to correct it and people who do have good mannerisms, may've helped someone to...
  4. T

    Train simulator games

    Loved Trainz Simulator 2009. Got any better ones??
  5. shreymittal

    Chennai: 11 coaches of passenger train derailed; 2 feared dead

    According to sources, 11 coaches of the Mushafarpur-Yashwantpur Express train derailed near Arakkonam in Tamil Nadu. As per sources, 2 feared dead in the mishap and at least 29 feared injured : Source How they will run WiFi on trains.
  6. T

    Measuring Speed inside a moving train.

    Can I calculate the speed of the train in which I am travelling using an android phone? I tried something like GPS Speedometer app but it didn't work.
  7. Nerevarine

    Need debugging help ASAP

    C++ DEBUG This one last error is making me insane Here's the code The error is Case bypasses initialization of local variable in main Need help ASAP
  8. B

    Order Fresh Food On Your Train Travel Online

    Those who frequently travel in long-distance passenger trains can talk at length about the in-train pantry services. If you've wished that the convenience (or luxury) of home delivery could be somehow brought to trains, that’s just seemed to have happened. offers a...
  9. T

    Indian Railways introduces 'Rail Radar'

    Source Indian railways new application “Rail Radar” enables the commuters to know the location of a train on a map and visualize the running-train network on Google maps. The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), the information technology (IT) arm of the Indian Railways has...
  10. I

    Earphone for iPhone

    I have an iPhone 4. I'm planning to buy a new earphone for my phone, it will be for a daily use mostly while riding or in train. Budget:- 3k
  11. S

    Double-decker train to Jaipur ready to roll

    Hey Everyone,Indian Railways has bought a good news for Indians and specially "Rail Lovers" like mE ofcourse:mrgreen: Indian Railways today flagged off "The Delhi-Jaipur Double Decker Special".The Double Decker will run on daily basis and the journey is from Delhi Sarai Rohilla to Jaipur...
  12. S

    Lost my Samsung galaxy Y,can i get it back?

    Heyy Techies.. Yesterday i was on d way to Delhi Junction Railway Station,i was sitting in front of gate in the train,i was actually sitting on a seat,suddenly an idea kicked in my mind let's sit in front of gate it would be interesting,i didn't knew it would lead to such a tragedy.The train...
  13. T

    Unstoppable Train [Movie] like incident happened in Indian Railways Today !

    Rajgir (Bihar): The Indian Railways continue to provide astounding examples of how passenger safety is compromised every day. In Bihar, which has in the recent past supplied several railways ministers including quotable-quote-giver Lalu Prasad Yadav, a train ran for four kilometre without a...
  14. vickybat

    Bullet train may connect Mysore-Bangalore in 30 mins

    Finally we are going to see bullet trains in our country. This December, this train might see the light of the day. Finally some decent public transport. :) Source
  15. P

    bought lovebirds, help pleasr

    hello guys I recently bought lovebirds and finches here at Mumbai, since I'll be leaving next week to Kolkata by train, I want to take these birds with me so my question is, do they allow to take these birds to train? and if yes then how much will I have to pay for transportation? thanks
  16. Nipun

    Another train accident!

    One dead, 9 injured in train accident in Orissa - The Times of India
  17. Garbage

    Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran

    Source - Indian Railways Launches Real Time Train Tracking Service–Simran
  18. Nipun

    Train accident in West Bengal.

    Bengal train accident: Guwahati-Bangalore Express derails near Kaliachak in Malda Some of you may know this, as this is in the news from some hours. For others who dont: Read full report here on TOI: Train accident in West Bengal, 2 killed & 30 injured - The Times of India
  19. C

    Any idea on installing a train horn?

    Hey, guys! I'm wondering if anyone here has an idea on installing a train horn? I'm thinking about getting a trainhorn installed on my car. Suggestions? thanks.
  20. S

    Need Advice for using Laptop while Travelling in Train

    Hi, Next week i am planning to travel in DURONTO Express 3rd A.c. Will it safe to use Train Power Supply to charge my laptop,as some people are saying that Train power supply is not safe for charging your mobile and laptop.:cry: Can any one here share his/her experience :razz:
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