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Commuters like students, professionals and people who are travelling often face problems due te various reasons like bus timings, train schedule, bus stop locations and what not. Sometimes, we have half information that can render a lot of difficulty as well.
That is where zophop will come handy. Zophop will provide you all the details regarding any place to which you want to go with all the related information like bus timings, train timings etc.

In other words, zophop is the new social networking travelling app. You can check in at various locations and zophop will provide all the details to how you traveled to other commuters willing to travel to the same location.

Check out the following points.

zophop: commuting redefined

An average Indian spends about 90 minutes a day commuting. Students, professionals, workers and

general class population of India travel through public means of transport. But unfortunately life is

full of uncertainties and that makes travelling through a city a real menace not only for the people

who are new to the city but also to people who reside there or travel through the city on a regular

basis. Change in bus or train timings, missed a bus or train, traffic jam, got late from work, etc. are

list of a few problems that people face while travelling through a city throughout the day.

This and many other travelling problems made “zophop: your travel guide” possible. zophop is an

easy to use mobile app that makes travelling faster, easier and cheaper. On zophop you can get all

the information about all the public transport modes like bus, train, metro, monorail and available

cab services in your city.

Key Features:

Check – In: A new impressive feature in zophop that allows you to check in while you are travelling

in a bus or train. Now due to this your bus or train location becomes live to others and now others

can come to know where your train or bus is located in real time through you.

Near You: This option flashes on the map a list of all the bus stops, train stations and even Uber and

Ola Cab near you. You also get the most immediate departure and arrival details of buses and trains.

Check Schedules: You can see the schedules of trains, buses and other means of transport. You get a

full detailed route with live timings and duration from various checkpoints between two places that

allows you to select the cheapest or the fastest means of travel.

Take me Somewhere: This option gives you a list of possible options to a specific location from your

current location. It gives you the schedules of trains, buses and other means of transport choose

between the fastest and cheapest routes and means of transport.

Others: For people who travel frequently through any specific routes can set those as their favourite


List of supported agencies and cities:

1. Mumbai - Local Train, BEST, NMMT, VVMT, MBMT, TMT, KDMT,Metro, Monorail, Uber, Ola

2. Bangalore - Namma Metro, BMTC, Uber, Ola

3. Delhi - Delhi Metro, DTC Buses, DIMTS Buses, Train, Uber, Ola

4. Chennai - Chennai Metro, MTC, Uber, Ola

5. Jaipur - Jaipur Metro, JCTS, Uber, Ola

6. Chandigarh - CTU, Uber, Ola

7. Bhubaneswar-Puri-Cuttack - DTS, Uber, Ola

8. Kolkata – Metro, Local train, Uber, Ola

9. Pune – PMPML, Uber, Ola

10. Bhopal – BRTS, Uber, Ola

11. Indore – AICTSL, Uber, Ola

12. Hyderabad – RTC, Uber, Ola

For more information, check out the following link

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can't use it :( no droid. No Web version?
would be great if it gives ST bus timings and if it says which side of the road to catch the bus from, a small bit often overlooked in map apps
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