1. K

    Toshiba L850 or any laptop under 55k

    Hey Guyz, I am currently looking to replace my desktop and get a laptop which i can use at work and home for mainly listening to music, browsing, mails, and movies. I will be using it to play games ocassionally (CS, FIFA, NFS, etc..) I have a budget of about 55k +/- 10 K depending on the...
  2. K

    Drivers for Toshiba Satellite C665-P5012???

    Guys,I've bought a Toshiba Satellite C665-P5012 a week ago and installed WINDOWS 7 Ultimate in it. But I'am having problems in finding the right drivers for WLAN,LAN and Audio. First I tried with the Realtek drivers and then with the Atheros/Conexnant drivers. But none seem to be working. They...
  3. A

    Confused...Size(32-lcd) or clarity (24-led)

    HI folks... after readin lots of infomative posts.....i have decided to register and raise the quesiton which is bothering me since last 1 week... I have gone through many articles...forums.....E commercie sites to gather info abt LED vs LCD...pros n cons.......cost vs benifit etc etc...
  4. Skyh3ck

    how is toshiba C640 - I4015

    i am about ot buy a laptop from other forum how good is this laptop for home use and light gaming Model No.: C640-I4015 Part No.: PSC2UG-00W001 CPU Technology Intel® Core™ i3-2330M Processor (2.2 GHz, 3MB Cache) Operating System Non OS Memory Slot System Memory (expandability)...
  5. S

    Toshiba Proteshe R830 - How good is it ?

    Thinking of buying Toshiba Protege R 830 with i3 processor. Any here used it. What is your suggestion about it or is there any lappy with better credentials out there ?
  6. Panchu

    Display driver for Toshiba Satellite C640

    Hi guys, Ive a Toshiba Satellite C640 - I4016 laptop. I cant seem to switch to the original resolution which is 1366x768. Its stuck at 1024x768. Running Windows 7 64 bit. Cant seem to find the drivers online. Help? Model no: PSC02G-01400G Serial no: YB034922Q
  7. K

    Toshiba L750-X5318 Review

    Hi Guys, This is my first review of the product so apologies for any mistakes. After doing lot of thinking. I finally bought the Toshiba L750-X5318. WHY Toshiba ? As working in IT Industry, knew that Toshiba makes one of the most reliable products in the industry (fingers crossed for mine...
  8. K

    Toshiba Laptop L750-X5318- Buying advice Needed urgent

    Hello Folks, I need some serious advice on the below mentioned laptop. Model : L750-X5318 Config: i-5 2430 M 2nd. Gen (2.4 GHz) RAM: 4 GB-DDR 3 Screen Size / Display (cms) 15.6" HD Clear SuperView Led Backlit TFT Graphics: 1 GB (DDR3) NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M Graphics (NOT GT...
  9. P

    Toshibha or ASUS

    I want to buy a laptop budget is 40k. Asus or Toshiba??
  10. blackpearl

    Best laptop for multitasking under Rs30K

    I'm looking for a laptop under Rs 30K. My primary usage will be surfing and word processing, but I will be multi tasking like hell. 40+ browser tabs, Windows Live Writer, a Feed Reader, Picasa and may be music playing in the background. I don't game. I want a laptop will pure processing power...
  11. S

    Toshiba 24PS10ZE as PC Monitor

    I want to buy Toshiba 24 Inches Full HD LED 24PS10ZE. I know its going to be a good TV, but I wanted to know how good is it as a PC Monitor as its refresh rate hasn't been mentioned anywhere. Anyone who is alreay tried doing so?
  12. T

    Home Theater System 5.1 for Toshiba

    Firstly I like to thank the moderators and active members of this forum. I already got nice responses in this forum regarding my buy of Toshiba. Now I need to buy a Home Theater. And thought same forum would help me better. background: I have Toshiba Full HD LED tv 24ps1e. Has only one HD...
  13. G

    Which Brand is better, Toshiba or Asus, Laptops

    1) What is your budget? INR 40,000 2) What size notebook would you prefer? around 15" 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if or ships to your country (Only if you know this info). India 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or...
  14. T

    Toshiba Satellite L750-X5317 vs Toshiba Qosmio F60

    Hi guys, A friend of mine is having difficulty choosing between the above mentioned laptops. They're both similar in configuration except for the F60 lacking a graphic card and a smaller drive capacity. Here are their pages: :: Toshiba Qosmio F60:: :: Toshiba Satellite L750-X5317:: Besides...
  15. Gaurav265

    bluetooth problem in toshiba satelite c660

    i have problem with drivers of bluetooth in my toshiba satelite c660.i have tried official win xp driver provided by toshiba india site but it not working.i also tried driver finder and it not recognises driver problem with bluetooth.i also checked in device manazer but there is not any option...
  16. pro

    Toshiba Bluetooth Troubles!

    Hi I am having trouble with my Toshiba Bluetooth stack. I want to use my nokia bluetooth phone with my win7 Toshiba laptop,but whenever I try to open the blutooth settings I get this error: The procedure entry point BtDiscoverRemoteEIRDataList could not be located in the dynamic likn...
  17. aroraanant

    Laptop for approx 30k

    Hi guys I need some help from you. I need to buy a Laptop for my brother. Wanted a 14" laptop. Please suggest something approx 30k I have the following 3 options in my mind: Toshiba Satellite C Series Laptop C640-X4012,this one i5 and 4GB ram and for less than 30k looks really good Sony...
  18. A

    Need suggestion on 1 TB 2.5 inch Portable Drive

    Hi, Among the below three please suggest one. Below are the letsbuy prices :- Seagate External Expansion 1TB (2.5 Inch) --> Rs 4300 (Yesterday it was 4999) WD Elements SE 1TB (USB 3.0) Hard Drive --> Rs 4500 (Yesterday it was 4700) Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB (2.5 Inch) --> Rs 4549...
  19. A

    .net framework error

    hi, i'm using toshiba satellite C660-1CP problem is whenever i open applications such as windows mobile device center or toshiba reeltime monitor it gives an error ' to run this application you must install one of the following versions of . net framework v4.0.30319. i have already...
  20. mobilogist

    Suggest: HP or Toshiba?

    Friends, please suggest me in the following: Models choosen a) HP Mini 110-3607TU Laptop; and b) Toshiba C600-P4012. your questions: 1) What is your budget? = 22k INR 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 10” to 15" 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? Also...
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