1. Angad singh

    Laptop (urgent)

    Hey guys i wanted to buy a laptop..... went yhru this months digit also... but little confused i choose 2 models one is toshiba A-100 1D and other is HP Pavilion dv2401tu... so can u guys guide me wat make shud i go for which one is better.... specifications are as follows Hp...
  2. jain_pranav

    How To Connect Laptop 2 Tv

    I have a toshiba L100 laptop i want 2 connect it to my television Plz tell me how to connect it along with the wires to b used
  3. nagarjun_424

    Toshiba Laptop Reinstall

    Hi guys! I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 with pre loaded Windows XP Pro. I want to reinstall the Windows in it. How should I do it. I remember a friend of mine saying that he reinstalled it using an application that comes with most laptops that come preloaded with OSs. Can anyone tell...
  4. A

    51Gb HD DVD

    Despite reports that Toshiba’s new 51Gb HD DVD has been submitted for approval, this hasn’t yet happened – but even if it was, will it make any difference? In the war for technological supremacy, companies like to boast how their devices are better than the competition. In the world of LCD...
  5. G

    Need Expert Laptop Help

    i have a toshiba satellite 3000. it have only a fdd. i want to upgrade to a odd. i already have a dvd/cd-rw from an IBM lap. but i found that toshiba uses a proprietary standard for connecting such devices. Can anybody tell me where i can find a converter. i ready to make it myself if i got its...
  6. V

    A new Laptop

    I want to buy a new Laptop.My Budget is around 50K.Please help me in deciding.My friend said,to go for a Toshiba or HP laptop. Please Help Me...?
  7. Kiran.dks

    HOT RELEASE! Printer erases and reprints on a SINGLE sheet 500 times!!!

    Toshiba printer erases and reprints on a single sheet Paper can be reused up to 500 times! Toshiba has unveiled a printer that can print, erase and reprint on a single sheet of special paper up to 500 times. The B-SX8R uses specially engineered paper similar to the thermal paper used...
  8. C

    Toshiba Laptop support in INDIA

    Hi Guys, I brought Toshiba tecra A4-S313 from US. Now want to have some support from HCL.The lappy is under warranty and HCL provide warranty in INDIA for toshiba lappy. Has anybody tried their support? How the HCL people deal with toshiba lappy customer ? Any ideas Thanks
  9. A

    Laptop Woes!!!

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite A65 Laptop with the following configuration... CPU : Pentium 4 2.8 GHz Intel Celeron Motherboard : Toshiba Portable PC RAM : 256 MB HDD : 60 GB Video : ATI Radeon Mobility 7000 IGP Operating System : Windows XP Professional with Service...
  10. kichu_overclocked

    yellow lines on my toshiba 17'' tft

    hey everybody, I own a toshiba satellite p35series laptop with the following config, P4 3.2GHz HT processor, 1 gb ram, 17"widescreen, 80 gb hd, ati radeon 128 mb integrated graphics ........the problem is that i have two yellow vertical lines running across the tft on the right...
  11. mediator

    FAKE Sony Pen drive to repair?

    Each of ma family mamber own a usb flash drive from different companies. I want to know how to test fakeness of a usb drive for toshiba and samsung usbs. Besides that if u have toshiba or samsung usb, then please post the contents of the cd (tree structure of folders)! If u think urs is...
  12. L

    Toshiba Denies Blu-ray.

    But then, there was also a contradicting post....which says Toshiba Denies Blu-ray. What is happening out there ? Source :
  13. K

    Toshiba Portégé R200

    Just wanted to share. The Toshiba Portégé R200 lightens your load while letting you stay immensely productive on the road. If you travel often and need to keep up with work back at the office, you'd be remiss not to check out this system. And you'd be toting the sleekest notebook out...
  14. C


    Guys i have a laptop (toshiba satelite series quite old :-( ) Laptop doesnt hava lan port loaded with windows 98 i have a intel(845 mother board pc ) loaded with win xp i have serial cable i want to know how to connect my desktop with my serial cable to my laptop
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