1. Randy_Marsh

    Big Question: Should I sell my XBOX one because of Play Anywhere?

    Hi Guys, I've been thinking about it for days now. To put my question more precisely: if a guy is having gaming pc and Xbox one, is it the right time to sell it off? I bought xbox one almost 8-9 months ago as I wanted to play the Halo series, GOW and other platform exclusives. It was all...
  2. Cyberghost

    Amazon Prime Video is now live in India with aggressive pricing, local content catalog

    India, meet the least expensive on-demand video streaming service you've ever seen. Ahead of its media event scheduled for later today, Amazon Prime Video service has gone live in India. The video streaming service is now listed on India's Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and supports...
  3. bssunilreddy

    Upcoming PS4 titles...

    Upcoming PS4 titles in 2016... Uncharted 4:Thief's End, (I like most)Does not come to PC alas Tom Clancy's: Division, No Mans Sky, (I like most)Does not come to PC alas The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn,(I like most)Does not come to PC alas Dishonored 2, Unravel...
  4. L

    Decent speakers under 2k

    I have music cranked up almost all the time and do some light online gaming like COD, TF2 and some indie titles.
  5. Shah

    Any freeware video editing software?

    I don't want a video convertor, I am asking about a video editor with which I can make some video effects like movie titles and also some merging of audio, etc.
  6. R2K

    What are your top 10 favorite software titles

    What are your top 10 favorite software titles ? My fav are PS CS4 office 2010 KMPlayer VLC CDBurnerXP Chrome FormatFactory Internet download Manager Avira AV Windows Media PLayer WinRAR :D
  7. Sarath

    Will mobile gaming kill consoles and PC?

    The current crop of mobile games usually remind many PC gamers of old flash games and remind consolers of the first generation games but will they take over mainstream gaming. Surely angry birds and temple run, no matter how popular they get will not be considered for comparison with AAA titles...
  8. K

    How to get Sub titles?

    Hi Guys, It relates to Cyberlink Power DVD. How to see the Chapters and their sub titles of DVD videos when we use the DVD on the player.
  9. K

    PS3 Move

    Anyone here played on the PS3 Move? What is the experience like, is it worth it? Are there good gaming titles out there? I've heard about Sports Champions.
  10. vickybat

    10 Stunning Experiences From Current-Gen Gaming

    With next-gen consoles as well as titles upon us, the gaming landscape is all set for a big evolutionary change. Everything including consoles and pc's will be getting the next-gen treatment from developers as they are all set to develop genre defining titles using new tools, scripts and api's...
  11. T

    My Movies Pro - Ultimate movie collection software for your PC / MAC

    Review Software : My Movies Free / Pro Do you wish to catalog your movie collection ? View details of Cast / Crew ? View user Ratings ? View Full Synopsis ? About this Application / Software : My Movies allows you to create and manage your digital collection of Movies on Windows 7/Mac OS...
  12. Liverpool_fan

    Steam Expands Beyond Games

    Source - *store.steampowered.com/news/8584/ A cross platform app store with first class Linux support? Count me in.
  13. dan4u

    Original Games vs Pirated Games

    As we all know gaming is booming in the Indian market, even though console gaming is getting quite popular, PC gaming is still dominant. Consoles cost in the range 15-20k, and a decent gaming rig/laptop cost anywhere between 45-65k. but then comes the gaming titles, most console games cost...
  14. Anorion

    Gaming Android Vs iOS

    Android first Betas : on the iOS, the game first gets released in the Canadian app store, for a week, where it is tested before it is released anywhere else. On droids, distribution is not segmented, and the developer can release beta versions whenever they want, and even release daily...
  15. A

    Is PS3 gaming scene too complicated.

    Hello.I have been a pc gamer for long as pc games can be easily downloaded and original console titles were too costly. Now I am looking to buy a console as Xbox 360 has been totally modded and PS3 scene has also opened up a bit. I basically wanted to buy a PS3 as it has great exclusive titles...
  16. Reaper_vivek

    EA Origin 1st Anniversary Sale : 50% of on Major titles

    Couldn't find an existing thread, weird, anyways 50% off on most EA titles.. Origin - Welcome Mass Effect 3 @Rs 750 (Digital Deluxe Edition Rs 999) Dead Space 1 @250 Dead Space 2 @350 Mirror's Edge @200 Alice : Madness Returns @500 Crysis @150 Battlefield 3 @750 (B2K expansion @300)...
  17. NoasArcAngel

    Could this be the year of the clash of the titans?

    Blame me for going berserk. But i think this year is going to mark the milestone in games. All studios and game companies are releasing Heavyweight AAA blockbusterrrr titles. Which game are you waiting for this year most eagerly??? post your comments and let the battle begin !
  18. Ethan_Hunt

    Silent Hill HD Collection

    Official Web Page: Konami Developer: Hijinx Studios / Konami Publisher: Konami Genre: Survival Horror Release date: March 20, 2012 Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3 Description: Features: Trailer: PgSSHpwqyuk
  19. amitabhishek

    PS3 games at 50% discount in Planet M

    Yes you read that right!!!!! The discounts are on most of the items except movies on Blu-ray. Bought a couple of titles including some music CDs. Thought to update everyone. Go grab it while it lasts. :razz:
  20. NewsBytes

    EA India showcase features Saboteur, Dante’s Inferno; release dates for 2009’s big titles

    A bright sunny afternoon, warm air and a gentle sea breeze greeted Mumbai on Thursday. Of course, gamers preferred the cold confines of a hotel banquet hall and the warm glow of several LCD screens showcasing the upcoming titles from Electronics Arts.   Christopher Ng, General Manager for...
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