1. S

    Help in DVD Writing

    I got a Very High Quality of Gladiator.AVI File is my system. I like to write it in DVD so how do I get Sub Title in English when I play it in InterVideo WinDVD 6. Is the any addon files to Get Sub Title when I write AVI files to DVD.
  2. A

    Samsungs depreciatig quality

    Actually bad title as their quality was always bad But what do u think?
  3. techno_funky

    ****Max Payne 3 at E3****

    Remedy, makers of the stylish Max Payne franchise, send word confirming that it will be showing off their next game at E3 next month from ATI's booth, plus announced that they are self funding the title. After the completion of Max Payne 2, there has been a continuous, active interest towards...
  4. S

    ubisoft's kick ass lineup for this year

    ubisoft has just unleashed its lineup for this year and its so freaking awesome here are the details Ubisoft Announces Kickin' Line-Up Splinter Cell 4, Ghost Recon 3, Prince 3, and a Lockdown delay: look now! by David Adams March 17, 2005 - In one massive wallop, Ubisoft today announced...
  5. Charley

    Which PSP sports title are you most looking forward to?

    PSP sports title are you most looking forward for ......... :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea: :idea:
  6. C

    Gta San Andreas

    I love GTA series.Here is the review for their latest title currently available for PS2 only.Check below for PC version release details. ESRB ~ Mature 17+ Players ~ 1-2 (no online multiplayer) Publisher ~ Rockstar Games (Parent Company TAKE-TWO INTERACTIVE) Developer ~ Rockstar North...
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