1. Cyrus_the_virus

    Today's Lesson: Do Not F**k with the Negroponte Brothers

    In light of the bush-league behavior of Intel in undercutting OLPC's education project with the meritless "Classmate PC", I read this morning with schadenfreude that the New York State attorney general is going after Intel ... "Cuomo Subpoenas Intel Over Antitrust Accusations" | Nicholas...
  2. H

    Go Simpsonize Yourself!

    Yer you read the title, so what you waiting for?! :D *www.simpsonizeme.com/index.php
  3. yesh1683

    New NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTS 512MB G92 Tested

    The title says it all:D:D *www.tweaktown.com/articles/1234/1/page_1_introduction/index.html
  4. J

    The LED on the monitor glows,but the screen is blank.

    Last night my computer runs well without any problem. But the next morning it suffers a problem which I state in the title. I check the brightness and contrast settings,but nothing happens.
  5. Gigacore

    SingStar Bollywood game released for Playstation 2 in India

    SingStar franchise has a new game specially created for the Indian market. The new title has been named SingStar Bollywood and it is now available here for the Sony Playstation 2 gaming console. This title for the Sony PS2 comes loaded with 30 vintage classics along with some new songs from...
  6. gsoul2soul

    wscript.exe is it to blame?

    This is irritating like hell.... trust me !!! Well somehow i have contracted this lil "virus, or bug... or some script written by pesty over smart programmer" grrrrr x( Now thing is when i open IE it directs me to this site... and the IE title bar also has this "@!@#@ Holes name and all"...
  7. gangadhar

    Xbox 360: Games of 2008

    Xbox 360: Games of 2008 The list: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures Q1 2008 Age of Pirates: Captain's Blood Q1 2008 Alan Wake APB TBA 2008 Backbreaker TBA 2008 Battlefield: Bad Company Q1 2008 Borderlands Q4 2008 Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway Bully: Scholarship Edition Q1 2008 Burnout...
  8. Third Eye

    Half Life 2's OS X Port Costs $ 1 Million

    EA have recently hit the market with NFS and Battlefield ports for the OS X, so Valve couldn't wait to seize the opportunity and make an OS X port of their own. Of course, Half Life 2 seems to have been the chosen title and the talks with Apple were...
  9. P

    DVD Editing Software

    I have purchased a new dvd handycam and i recorded the video in a dvd. now i need to edit that dvd file. i need to add background music, add title, edit.... i need the exact s/w to do it. please help me.
  10. Vishal Gupta

    Title Save: Add-on For Firefox to Save Pages with Page Title in File Names

    When saving a web page this extension automatically fills out the filename using the page's title. This extension replicates IE's default behaviour when saving a webpage, placing the page's title as filename. Also, if the page is saved as "Complete", the corresponding URL is inserted...
  11. P

    can i play ps2 title in pc

    with using some emulator?
  12. shady_inc

    Rate the user title above you..!!

    What are you waiting for???? Start rating!!!:mrgreen:
  13. amanjagga

    Urgent Help Needed

    Hi! guys I want to ask that are there any more good Forums like this. If yes then please do reply here Thanks in advance and sorry for wrong Title
  14. Third Eye

    BioShock 2 Confirmed

  15. pritish_kul2

    microbe and one disease caused by it

    i want some info abt the title up there.
  16. K

    internet explorer

    Have You ever gone through this "Windows Internet Explorer Provided by Yahoo" in the TITLE MENU OF Internet Explorer 7 Dont like this 'Display Ur name Instead' Do the Following Go to The Regedit HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER MAIN Then head to Windows Title and Change...
  17. pritish_kul2


    I was finding a thread but was unable to find in the search results. So i thought to consult u. the thread was abt making ur own site. i don't clearly know the title of that thread
  18. I

    IE Title Bar Problem

    Well I am using IE explorer 7 on an original XP SP2....the system is performing fine except for the fact that the Title Bar shows " Internet Explorer- Hacked By Godzilla". I checked the system 4 spywares and adwares but culdnt find ne. Can this be rectified??? Plz guide me////
  19. pritish_kul2

    Counterstrike : Condition Zero Cheats

    As the title suggests
  20. [A]bu

    Internet Explorer

    My nearby computer have a problrm that the browsng is very slow... He cannot browse the network... In the title bar it is written "Internet Explorer - Hacked By Godgilla" Can help me
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