Samsungs depreciatig quality

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agreed with what Pradeep says. Optical drives are currently bad. Their HDD's for me hasnt posted any issues. And their monitors are defenitely good.


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samy ;)optical drives shud get better as they have collaborated with toshiba.....
one thing though....samy drives are the best when it comes to reading scratched cds and dvds....

samy hdds are decent.....

and samy monitors....well the whole world knows about that :) specially their new 17" TFTs having 15ms response time...i mean wow thats good for gaming and priced decently too....arnd. 19K



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i've been using samsung hdd's for the last 9 yrs they r nice.... and their services too.... but there is a huge scope of improvement in optical drives segments....esp their trays.


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i too have samsung 7200rpm probably.

also,15ms is too high for gaming ,even 8ms can't compete crt i think i read somewhere
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