help needed in buying a combo drive

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hello guys
i need to buy a new combo drive nd don't tell me to go for dvd writer as im short on cash so plz tell me the best combo drive nd its prices i will be greatful if the prices r frm delhi
thnx in advance

u can get a combo drive of sony or liteon
as they are the best
it will cost u aruond
2300 bugs in nehru palace(approx)
a little bargain may give u a lower rate as well


Just a suggestion. Why not buy a separate CD-RW and DVD-ROM drives? Cost diff will be about Rs. 100-200. But you will get separate drives.

Here're the advantages IMHO
1. Copying CD to CD is faster with 2 drives ;)
2. If one goes out of order and you send it for repairs, at least the other one is there.
3. If one goes kaput, you have to replace only that one. Cheaper. Isn't it?
4. Depreciates less becuase you use both and for a little extra sum you get 2 CD lenses, etc. Looks like better value for money to me.


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i second tuxfan, get a liteon cdrw and a sony dvd rw. the best combo!!! (of corz u can get a sony cdrw, but those are just rebadged liteons).


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cvvikram said:
I am having samsung Combo drive is also good 1+ yr old no probs till date costs 2100/-

Pls keep SAMSUNG out as its just has problems and more problems :lol:

Sony should be a good option
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