Connecting 2 wi-fi enabled laptops

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Can 2 wi-fi laptops be connected without any routers??

plz explain .........................................thnx


laptop 1:

goto network connectioins
right click on wifi adapter
double click on tcpip properties
give ip

press ok
again on that window with tcpip properties click on woreless networks
click add
give ur network an ID say "Home LAN"
keep network authentication to open or shared
and data encryption enabled or disabled
if u enable ull have to give a password/key and u have to remember this
at the bottom click "this is an ad-hoc network ...."

laptop 2:
follow exact same steps as above
but give it an ip of
everything else is exact as that on laptop one

if encryption is enabled then password/key HAS to be the same

thats it
the laptops should connect automatically when in range of each other
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