Can I play my MP3 file in GTA:SA

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Adding User Tracks for the User Radio in San Andreas

1. Locate the “User Tracks� directory on your PC.

Windows9x/ME: “C:\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks�


WindowsXP/2000: “C:\Documents and Settings\USER\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks� (where “USER� is your username you’re logged in as.)

2. Add files to the “Users Tracks� directory.

There are a couple of ways to do this. The first, and easiest, method is to drag and drop mp3s into the User Tracks directory. The problem with this is that like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of space on your C: drive, not to mention that it doesn’t make much sense to have the same mp3 files sitting in two different folders.

The other option takes a bit more work, but it cuts down on hard drive space. What you need to do is create a new playlist with your favorite mp3 player. For this example, I’ll use WinAmp, and assume you know hwo to create and manage playlists in the player.

Start a new playlist, then add the files to the playlist that you want to be heard on the “User Radio Station.� Then save the playlist that you’ve just created to the “User Tracks� directory on your computer using the guidelines in Step 1 above.

3. Make San Andreas aware there are new mp3s to be played.

Run the game and go into Audio Options. Select “User Radio Station� and then click the option for “Scan for new files� (or something along those lines). This will make the game scan the “User Tracks� directory for new mp3s or playlists. San Andreas will search for a bit, then say it’s done scanning.

4. You’re done!

Start playing the game. When you get into a car, switch to the “User Radio Station� and Voila! There’s your music.

Another thign you might want to look into would be setting the “User Radio Station� as the default station played when you get into any car. To do this, go back into the Audio Options again, and select “Radio Auto-Tune,� then find a place to save. Once you’ve saved, every tiem you restart the game and enter a new car, the radio should be set to the “User Radio Station.�

I hope this helps!

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u can alsu place the shortcuts of ur favorite songs in the user tracks folder. gta sa supports different formats like ..... mp3,wma,ogg,miles and more .


Guest does play in all the formats.i have finished playing.there are 7 missionws which i found it difficult.


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Copy only mp3 files to C:\Program Files\GTA Vice City\mp3 Now you can play your own songs. No playlists or files other than mp3 works.
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