help me install 120 gb hdd

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Hi frnz i had posted this Question b4 but donno it dissappeared somewhere
i want to install 120 gb hd i have 40 gb already installed i want both to work at the same time
i want to know how to keep the other hd as secondary master or slave n how do i know abt it
thnx in adv


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u can install upto 2 hdd in one IDE channel,If u have already installed u'r 40gb one as primary master then install the second harddisk as primary make the second harddiks to work as slave,just remove the jumper and leave it as it is and install it on the primary IDE channel.


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thnx phatratt i will try this n let u know abt it 1nce i connected it did workd but i thnk theres xp install if i wanna format it then wat should i do plz help to format as well how do i do it

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Is there any operating system in 2nd hard disk.
if there is nt system os i.e win 2000 onwards then u can right click MY COMPUTER then choose MANAGE then STORAGE then DISK MANAGEMENT right click the drive and FORMAT it.

There is 2nd easiest way to use software like PARTITION MAGIC .

If u r using Fat 32 file system then use bootable floopy to boot .It will show A:\ then type format c:
I think these ways are just enough.
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