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Hi guys, my HP Pavilion is running really hot now 60 on idle and 90-100 on heavy loads in the time of winter.If i won't do something my chip will fry up.I need to clean it and apply thermal paste.What should i buy.Please suggest a good thermal paste out there.I don't wanna compromise on that.In the range of 500-1000Rs.
If there is a better thermal paste out there in the range of more than 1000 please suggest it.


Is it really that good.
Can you tell me a few alternatives.
And can you guess some reliable seller names on the ebay.

Got the Z5 yesterday and applied it.

CPU temps dropped from 85* C at load to 70* C.

GPU temps at 65* C.

Haven't checked idle temps.

The one priced at Rs 450 was the one that I bought.

Rohan Rathi

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Deepcool Z5 is great. I used it on my Desktop, works well. The Best part is that the quantity you get for the price (450) is more than any other paste you will buy.


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I did applied the Deepcool Z5 thermal paste and my laptop's temperatures has been came down.

On idle 25 C-35 C from 45 C-55 C
Under heavy use 60 C - 65C from 80 C to 90 C.
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