Pls Pls all the hardware geeks come to resue.


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PC Config:
AMD Phenom X3 8650 Tricore 2.3Ghz
Mobo Asus M3A78-EM
Memory 1GB x 2 in Dual Channel
Seagate 500GB HDD
PSU Corsair CX500
Other Devices: One D-Link DFE 520TX PCI fast Ethernet Adapter.

Normal CPU Temp is 50deg C approx
Mobo Temp is 45deg C approx

OS - Windows 7 Ultimate.

I am facing a peculiar problems for last one month. My pc config given above freezes when i switch it on, it starts up and when the Windows 7 logo appears it hangs. After pressing the restart button once or in few occasions a couple of times the pc boots normally and starts working fully, no issues at all.

Initially i thought it was a HDD problem, as the HDD was under warranty i got it replaced by Seagate. The problem didn't solve.

Next i thought it might be the case of PSU(i was using a cheaper one) so i purchased a new PSU Corsair CX500 but this approach also didn't solve the problem.

I also changed the SATA cables.

I have formatted the HDD and tried new Installations of Windows XP Pro and Windows 7 Ultimate all genuine copies but the problem remains.

My troubleshooting knowledge ends here, guys please help. If any geek in Kolkata wants to give a try/check it out then I can bring the PC to his location/site.



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try check if the RAM is seated properly...

and that 50C normal CPU temp seems high for idle/normal condition. reseat the proccy with good quality TIM [arctic silver] if possible.

btw... the 50mm f/1.8 is FTW lens!! \m/


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cleaned the ram re seated checked on other pc its working perfect.
normally the cpu temp is around 45deg.

i m thinking of trying the thermal paste.
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