1. bestpain

    [Complaint] very poor wd service

    i had submitted my defective wd 1tb hdd at the drop point on 29 may since pickup was not avalilable....but it has been more than 20 days and i havent got the replacement drive....when i contact wd they are telling the same thing everytime that the replacement drive has been shipped and they dont...
  2. Harsh Pranami

    Finding out bandwidth hogger

    So me and my flatmates share a broadband connection through router. Before subscription we all came to an understanding that no one will download data during day time in order for others to surf web without any problems. But since past few days someone has been secretly downloading and I can't...
  3. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Codeblocks not working properly

    This is a long back thread. i am having Windows 7 ultimate 64bit OS . yesterday i download the latest version of codeblocks (codeblocks-12.11mingw-setup.exe) from Download binary when i compile a program related to graphics.h and also iostream.h headerfiles i am unable to execute it. It shows...
  4. gagan_kumar

    need help for buying a mobile phone in bangalore

    i need to purchase karbon A30 in bangalore can anyone help me telling where can i purchase it??
  5. Jaxx89

    HELP: Avermedia are thieves

    1.) I order Avermedia AverTV Satellite Trinity A707 from Tirupati enterprise(Avermedia Auth Distributors in India). Promised to get it in a month. 2.) No response to whether my order is processed an I will be getting it even after 2 months. Tirupati decides to stop responding completely 3.) I...
  6. TheHumanBot

    Computer Hardware Chart - Identify Your Computer Parts

    Del. this Thread Delete this Thread I havent find any copyright warning so i posted and thanks for telling me about it if it hurts anyone then i apologies ... i just try to help beginners. thanks you... vishalgmistry
  7. strider21

    RIAA Bans Telling Friends About Songs

    what does this mean people:mad: LOS ANGELES—The Recording Industry Association of America announced Tuesday that it will be taking legal action against anyone discovered telling friends, acquaintances, or associates about new songs, artists, or albums. "We are merely exercising our right to...
  8. R

    Microphone not working plz help..

    I bought my com a year ago..From tat time am having tat prob...I asked my technician about it but he is telling tat might be because of software issues and he is telling me to reinstall xp...I have already installed xp many a times..But stil am facing the same issue.. I have 2 ports front and...
  9. shivkumar

    HELP: Where to buy in Cochin / Kochi / Ernakulam

    Friends, based on your suggestion I finalized this configuration Intel C2D E7200 eVGA112-CK-NF77-A1 / Abit I-N73HD / Asus P5KL VM Zebronics Bijli cabby with 400 W PSU 250 GB SATA II HDD (Seagate Barracuda) 7200 rpm 1 GB DDR2 RAM 667 MHz x 2 (Transcend) Lite-on DVD RW Numeric UPS 500W...
  10. Plasma_Snake

    Multiple Clocks

    Is there any utility or tool available that allows users to put up multiple clocks on a desktop much like Object Dock each telling time of a different city on earth like New York, Tokyo etc.
  11. techx

    Mcp site not accessible

    I passed my MCP and today I got a email that I have to register to the mcp site to get access my member kit( certificates and stuff). the link is as below * But this site in not appearing in my browser. I am browsing this from a internet cafe. They...
  12. Third Eye

    Amazing World Clock

    Look real close and read what it is telling you. Link to World Clock
  13. ajayritik

    Which is the best Charger available and rechargeable batteries?

    I have a Canon Digital Camera A550 which I bought recently! Can someone suggest me a nice charger and rechargeable batteries? I checked in one of the stores and he was telling something about Uniross! Can someone please give me more names?
  14. gdatuk

    Help: Installing Application in N95

    Hi Can you tell me how to install any application in N95 or symbain v3 It is telling me that the application cannot be installed due to certificate constraing..
  15. JharuPochaBai

    Torrents problem

    I am trying to download a 1.5 GB file. From Megaupload (where i hold a premium account), it takes about 10 minutes..... Problem is I couldn't find it on megaupload.....but found a torrent for it. But via torrents (BitTorrent), it's telling me 1 week 2 days? Is there something I'm missing or...
  16. T

    Port Forwarding

    I have a linksys WRT54G router connected to my PC .. the torrent client i'm using is utorrent , but its telling me that a certain port is not open/forwarded ... how can I do this ?
  17. webgenius

    which web host?

    My classmate has designed this site He has selected some free host for this website and is not telling anyone about the host. Which webhost provides such service for free?
  18. A

    Need Help In Vista Networking!!

    hey all!! can anybody tell me how to get administrator permission in Vista in order to access other hard drive partitions on the network. i get an error telling me dat i cannot access the partition bcuz i dont have admistrator permission to do so!!!......PLZ HELP ME!!!
  19. kerthivasan

    Dps Scandals!!

    I Have Read This Month's Issue Of Digit And When I Read The Article Mms Dps And Dps Scandals, I Was Not Able To Understand Their View. I Did Not Know What They Were Telling By Mms Dps And Dps Scandals. Can U Guys Xplain This, Or Can U Give The Link Were I Can Read About It More??
  20. anandk

    Microsoft flags Gmail as a virus

    From late last week until Sunday night, the Windows Live OneCare security software incorrectly flagged the Google e-mail service as a threat. A warning popped up when OneCare users opened the Gmail Web site, telling them that their systems were infected with a :D virus called "BAT/BWG.A."...
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