Which is the best Charger available and rechargeable batteries?

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I have a Canon Digital Camera A550 which I bought recently! Can someone suggest me a nice charger and rechargeable batteries? I checked in one of the stores and he was telling something about Uniross! Can someone please give me more names?


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Uniross, a french company, seems to be a good specialist manufacturer of battery chargers.

I recently purchased UNIROSS X-Press 300 compact charger that came with four Uniross rechargeable AA 2500mAH NiMH batteries for Rs.850 (MRP 1195)(Importer:Shetala Agencies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai-20) at Bangalore METRO.It can recharge four AA/AAA batteries and 9V Block batteries.
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I have been using Sony charges for quite some time now and I find them very good. You can get them in any Sony World showroom.


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U can have Sony Batteries with ratings of 2600 mA NiMh 1.2v for a pair it will cost you arround Rs350.


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Or you can get a Eveready charger-battery set(four AAA) for Rs 250-Rs300.
Uniross is best available in market.


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Eveready is very bad and sub-standard product. I used it and its still lying in my shelf. By the way, where do we get Uniross in New Delhi?


Go for Everyday or Energizer. Both are good. I have Energizer for my Canon S3. It's a Ni-MH battery charger with 2500mAh "AA" batteries. I get around 400 shots on a single recharge. And remember S3 has a 12X Optical Zoom lens which means it uses more power for zoom controls.


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vikassethi said:
Eveready is very bad and sub-standard product. I used it and its still lying in my shelf.

From my experience, I also agree :( I have 4 AAA batteries and they do not last much.

I am going to buy Sony as their AA batteries working great for me.


I got a 15-minute rapid charger of Sony make in Singapore earlier this year - it was priced well, dont remember exactly how much though... Havent seen it in India yet...



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sony c & r , r good ...... go 4 them ..... bt beware abt duplicate 1`s .... get them from sony world only ....
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