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HELP: Avermedia are thieves

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1.) I order Avermedia AverTV Satellite Trinity A707 from Tirupati enterprise(Avermedia Auth Distributors in India). Promised to get it in a month.
2.) No response to whether my order is processed an I will be getting it even after 2 months. Tirupati decides to stop responding completely
3.) I place order with Avermedia Taiwan to import it.
4.) Product is faulty and I am told to submit it to distributor by Avermedia and Tirupati.
5.) After submission Tirupati decides not to accept the card saying its a direct import.
6.) They accept it and I get a replacement from Avermedia Taiwain.
7.) Product is still faulty.(Tested in 2 PC's running 64bit of Vista and 7)
8.) I ask for refund as the product is faulty and I do not want to deal with the incompetence and unprofessional bhaviour.
9.) Same unprofessional behavior exhibited by Avermedia Taiwain and they stop responding.
10.) Forced to contact Avermedia Seniors resulting in Avermedia Taiwan replying telling me refund not possible and asking me to choose another Avermedia product instead.
11.) After selecting another product they again stop responding forcing me to contact the seniors.
12.) They respond telling me to submit the card to my dealer and that a solution will be given on spot which isn't the case.
13.) I'm told I will be getting a refund and when I reply telling them to refund the whole amount or part of it which they think is proper, the person who is co-ordinating tells me that he has incurred an expense double the amount I have in just replying to my mails as he is on a Business trip and if he gives the refund it will take 1-2 months.

Please help me out as I do not know what am I supposed to do now.

All e-mail conversations can be provided.
Not open for further replies.
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