1. kg11sgbg

    Confused to buy a BSNL Telephone line cable(copper) of 100ft.

    I want to buy a Telephone line/wire cable of copper,about 100ft. The wire should be a single or one pair wire. But I am confused about its other parameter of width(diameter)!!! Shall I buy the 0.4mm or the 0.5mm specs?
  2. sandynator

    Suggestions required for rewiring of MTNL Telephone line with ADSL Broadband

    Hello guys, Recently faced some noise issue through my MTNL telephone line when it rained heavily & some frequent disconnections in my broadband too. So I have decided to replace the old wire line which comes to my home from MTNL Box. One of the MTNL customer care personal suggested me to...
  3. F

    How to connect DSL router and Telephone (BSNL) using black cable(w/o RJ11 cable) ?

    How to extend distance between DSL router and Telephone (BSNL) using black cable(w/o RJ11 cable) ? BSNL Landline comes via a black cable which goes into a box which has a RJ11 jack. Normally this would go to splitter, one for ADSL router and other for Telephone. But I want to keep Router on...
  4. T

    Do i need telephone line for BSNL Wimax?

    I went to bsnl office to ask for broadband and they said that Broadband is not feasible in you're area.They said they have bsnl line in my area,but cannot give you connection because the telephone is a bit far from you're home.Then i read on internet that BSNL wimax can work and doesn't require...
  5. A

    backing up simple non android gsm mobile phone telephone contacts

    how can i back up simple non android gsm mobile phone telephone contacts
  6. sam9953

    Panasonic KX - TG2448BX Cordless Telephone

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Panasonic KX - TG2448BX Cordless Telephone: Panasonic Cordless Phone Model No: KX-TG2448BX from Panasonic | Cordless Phones | Electronics | Expected Price: Rs 700/- Time of Purchase: 4 years back Company official...
  7. R

    Cheap Mobile with WIFI

    Hello all , i wanted to buy dad a Mobile phone for birthday present . Currently he is using Nokia 3110 classic But i wanted to gift him a phone with WIFI , Email (gmail) , if possible Android [for Apps] At present he is using phone for JUST telephone calls and messages 1...
  8. ASHISH65

    MTNL broadband question?

    hi everyone, my hsc exam going to be end so i am going to get internet connection:-D so i am opting for mtnl unlimited plan of 512kbps for basic internet surfing and downloading movies etc. so i am not going for combo plans as i donot want telephone usage and i don not have telephone...
  9. krishnandu.sarkar

    Govt disconnects 51,000 telephone connections for pesky calls

    Source : Govt disconnects 51,000 telephone connections for pesky calls | News Top Night Business Line : Industry & Economy / Marketing : 51,000 phone connections disconnected for pesky calls
  10. S

    spike buster

    i want to buy a spike guard (buster) within Rs 500 with telephone protection and individual socket switch.. pls guide
  11. quicky008

    Experiencing constant link failures on BSNL Broadband-immediate assistance required.

    I have been experiencing frequent link failures on my Bsnl broadband connection for the last couple of weeks-as a result of this ,i get disconnected every now and then,which is utterly exasperating to say the least.(I've had link failures atleast 3-4 times as I was composing this message).I am...
  12. piyush.ml20

    working of 8 Mbps broadband ???

    the max speed possible for ADSL on regular telephone line is 6.1 Mbps. then how various ISP's are providing speed of 8 mbps or above on that regular telephone line ??? hlp ??
  13. NucleusKore

    Cordless PBX ?

    Hi all I am looking for a cordless telephone solution for my parents' new home. These are my requirements (if affordable): A cordless telephone connected to the main telephone line. Cordless telephones around the house that connect through the above. When an incoming call comes ALL...
  14. R

    software 2 record telephone ?

    q) is there any software/way 2 record Normal telephone conversion or accept normal telephone[land phone] calls with PC Internal D link Data /Fax/VOICE modem nd talk with head phone nd mic ? nvr head about anything like this so asked . if this is wrong session , sry
  15. RCuber

    Wi-Fi Interference

    Hello guys, I have a doubt. I have a Linksys Wifi router and a huawei 882 router/modem which is connected to my bsnl line. The in my current setup the wifi router and the modem is close to each other and the telephone line passes near the wifi router antenna. I use only mode G and the channel...
  16. A

    Telephone Book-Software?

    can someone suggest a Telephone book software/site(if it exists) where i can type my most most frequently used telephone numbers with names and possibly take a printout of the same? My existing paper Telephone Books are in bad shape and the ink is, i want to replace them with a...
  17. H

    Record telephone calls.

    Hi, Is it possible for broadband users to record telephone calls? My ISP is BSNL, modem is Huawei SmartAX MT 882. And yes, is there any download manager for free users of Rapidshare, which will increase (even slightly) the download speed? Thanx.
  18. C

    Urgent Help Required

    Hello Guys, I need a help from u in a different matter. I have an aunt living in Broxholm Road, West Norwood, London. But we have last contacted him 20yrs back. Now I have her telephone no. which is obviously 20yrs old. Now can u tell me some services which will tell me abt that telephone...
  19. H

    Not that i would do this but just asking

    What would happen if I connect the two wires coming from the telephone pole line to the 220V regular inlet in our houses?? :D I am really eager about this. I am fantasizing about doing this when the telephone mechanics come to check my telephone pole.A 5 second shock will educate their minds...
  20. G

    Broadband doubt(dataone)

    I am interested in Home 250 startup plan, but confused. As they mentioned in their website "discounted annual payment option Rs2500" what is that? And is their any telephone rental that is to be given?? And ANy hidden charge. Please clearify.
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