Upgrading RAM


My old computer has Intel D845GVSR mobo.

I wish to upgrade the ram from existing 512 MB to 1 GB. The product guide states that it supports DDR 333 up to 1.0 GB utilizing 256 Mb technology.

How can I find whether I am purchasing the right kind of DDR 1 GB RAM?

Thanks in advance.


That RAM is too scarce so will cost a bomb. 1-1.5k for a 512mb stick. Instead, consider upgrading. :)

Yes. A 512 mb stick costs around 950 and a 1gb one costs around 1.1k.

But website states your RAM is expandable upto 2GB.

Yes. You are right. RAM is expandable upto 2 gb.

His mobo chipset doesn't supports DDR3 or even DDR2.

Yes. It only supports DDR RAM.

I have some job which needs my old computer. It is running slow. So, I have decided to put a 1 gb RAM which is sufficient for me.
The manual says that the 1gb DDR should be of 256 kb type or something like that. So, I would like to know how to find that I am buying the correct RAM.


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^You need DDR 400 MHz RAM, that's it. I also bought same RAM some months ago and I was ripped off due to unavailability :p
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