bacteria killing technology in fridges


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Is air purifying and bacteria killing technology in fridges for real? Or is it a fad or worse just a marketing gimmick??


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I wonder how they test if bacteria is there or not :p.

Any way.. human body must be exposed to bacteria and other virus for the body to build resistance. if a human is not exposed to these then chances of falling very ill when actually contacted with these will be very high. Virus is more deadly hence vaccines are administered at young age. Figure out how Human Immunity System works. :)


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generally when some commercial ad screams 'with new superior/advanced/best/improved/$#@! anti-xyz technology....' and all that 'oh teri! :shock:' jargon, you know what to expect or make of it :)
Though companies like Samsung claim that their air purifying and bacteria killing technology is for real, you can never take the marketer’s claim at face value. To the best of my knowledge only LG has models like GC-M237AGNN that have a health guard system and multi stage air purifier. And as per their site; their fridge holds a world record in terms of killing up to 99.99% bacteria, for which they even have laboratory certification.


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That means you won't be able to store curd and such milk products in that fridge, as I'm sure, LG hasn't been able to design a technology to distinguish between good and bad bacteria.
IMO, all this is simply marketing gimmick to stay ahead in race and to attract over health conscious market.
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