Looking to purchase a AC in 30k


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Hi Guys looking to purchase a AC for my Bedroom. Most probably1 to 1.5 Ton so need suggestion. I am looking in one from this brand Daikin, Hitachi, Carrier & Panasonic(There new eco navy Technology). Other suggestion also help me to chose one.It should have 5 star rating.

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You didn't mentioned split/window ... anyway; 5 star rated AC in 30k... you might not get in Daikin/Hitachi...but Panasonic has. For brand I will suggest Daikin/Carrier.


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Ohhhhh sorry I forget that to mention it should be split and i have some Quotations here,

1) Wht about Panasonic i like there new eco navy Technology.

2) if i go for Daikin/Carrier how much they cost.

3) lastly plz suggest inverter inbuilt AC also.


Dump carrier and Panasonic and opt either for Daikin, Hitachi or O-General.
At the same do remember that if you will be opting for a 5 star AC among these 3 brands then you have to extend your budget as they will cost you around 40k and above.

And you can even have a look at Trane ACs


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Dude see you will get inverter A/Cs in splits only if you can manage go with sharp @42K which was reviewed here.

But if want in 30K go with window A/C and Whirlpool i am using it and it kicks Daikin, Hitachi etc out of the picture and they will overshoot your budget. So go with which is VFM

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