3D TV prototype


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^^ Exactly what are you asking? Yes and no, yes its shows 3d effect, but its not true 3d, it gives you perception of depth.


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3D TV has still to see a lot of development in the time to come. Right now I don't see 3ds becoming a common stream but yeah we can assume it to be in the years to come...

Jitendra Singh

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Wake up and smell the coffee brother! 3D TV is no longer in the experimental or trial stages but has long been commercially launched. In India, it has started to sell in large numbers and will soon overtake the LCD and LED as the biggest selling TV range. Go the nearest TV dealer and check the LG Cinema 3D LED TV of the LM series like 42LM6400 or 47LM6200 and you too will become a advocate of 3D technology.


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Yeah I agree with the same part but as per this moment It's a bit hard to find many 3D TVs in the main stream...and why are focussing so much on LG,I think Samsung and sony too have good 3D TVs in their stock as well.
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