1. T

    Computer Slow Boot up

    When I start my PC the first BIOS Screen comes on after 15-20 seconds and after that boots very fast due to SSD. My Question is why it takes that 15-20 secs to pop up bios screen? My Config is in Signature.. Please give suggestions.
  2. J

    Which provider offers fastest 3G upload speed.

    hi friends, i often have a need to upload large file for my work, right now i have a mtnl broadband and a mtnl 3G plan but the upload speed is simply pathetic, it takes over an hour to upload 100mb file. how is the upload speed on reliance/ vodafone/ airtel 3G? I am located in New Delhi
  3. mikael_schiffer

    Phone for my MOM (57 y.o) Need buying advice

    Many people seek my advice for mobile phones. Most of their advices are pretty standard and usual, so i can help. However, once in a while i get requested to advice on a particular type of phone which is completely beyond my sphere of knowledge and experience. And that person is my MOM...
  4. K

    Suggest me software courses wch takes less tym period to complete n get job...

    Hi... I wanna do some software course wch takes less time period to complete n getting job(also wch contain gud job oppurtunities),i have 1yr exp in IT industry,bt due to some reasons i hav 2yrs gap in between,as m having less exp i thought of doing some other new course and get into job...
  5. A

    need a low cost 1-1.1 ton AC

    We have a small 100 sqft room. and we need a 1-1.1 ton AC(nothing more, nothing less). Primary consecrations are AC cost and power consumption. The AC will run only 3 hrs/day daily. ideally, it would run for 10 months/year. We wont require any fancy features.. it is also fine if it takes...
  6. nvrmndryo

    Pc takes around 10 seconds to beep after pressing power button!

    My pc takes around 10-12 seconds to beep after I press power button, then it boots n takes 25 seconds more to boot into windows 8.1.my friends pc's beep takes only 1 second to hear where mine takes 12 seconds. Any help?
  7. Zangetsu

    Qualcomm aims for low-end Market by new Snapdragon 410

    With the Snapdragon 410, Qualcomm takes aim at MediaTek
  8. gameranand

    Folder taking too much time to Open

    Guys I am facing a weird problem with a particular folder. I have a Folder named Softwares and it takes too much time to open at the first time I start the PC. It takes like 2-5 minutes to open it. Once it opens then it will open again in the same sessions in matter of seconds but for the first...
  9. Anish

    Problem printing on Inland cover

    Hi, I have a monochrome laser printer (Canon LBP 2900B). The problem is, that when I take print out on multiple inland letter covers, it takes lot of time between prints. Like, between prints, it takes some 10 seconds, but when a A4 sheet is used, it takes the next paper almost instantly...
  10. Ricky

    What it takes to be an adult..

    Nothing more or less to say : Comments please..
  11. H

    DNA testing chip delivers results in one hour, paves way for personalized drug treatments

    DNA testing chip delivers results in one hour, paves way for personalized drug treatments - DigInfo TV https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=oRWeD2VFh7w
  12. H

    Avermedia Capturing card

    Hello all, I know its only a single component thread but i am bit confused from where to buy it :-? I want to buy Avermedia DarkCrystal HD Capture Pro (C027) card but its not available in local market where i live and i checked Flipkart there the card is out of stock. So can anyone suggest me...
  13. S

    20k mobile with flash support

    I am looking for a android phone which is around 4" - 4.3 " and comes with flash support. This is because i stream movies and tv shows online. Presently i have a playbook which takes care of all my browsing and streaming needs. And a Xperia mini pro sk17i which takes care of stuff like...
  14. theserpent

    2 gB Usable out of 4 gb,can this be the reason of system slowing down"

    Hey there So from the past few days my computer has become slow. I deleted some malware via malware byte. Secondly,gta 4 had also become veryy laggy and sometimes it takes lots of time to even open task manger Today i checked the ram and it shows 4GB(2GB USABLE)
  15. Charley

    Best DVD Player Using Less System Resources

    I am presently using Cyberlink DVD Suite [Power DVD], it takes a lot space on my hard disk. Which should I use ?
  16. M

    Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surface’s Storage

    Windows RT Takes Up Half of the 32GB Microsoft Surface's Storage
  17. rahul_c

    [Query] Dell walk in service centre

    What is the usual amount of time does servicing of a laptop takes? My laptop has this problem - http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/laptops-netbooks/161169-mysterious-mark-laptop-screen.html
  18. D

    Vodafone 3G - bangalore pathetic speeds. Who is better

    Image says it all. Pretty bad I think it is. Using it thru the phone itself - wifi tethering. Is it supposed to be this bad ? or its just my connection. One thing that I have seen is it takes a bit of time after data is enabled to actually have it connected - somewhere around a minute or...
  19. aroraanant

    Anonymous Hacker Takes Down GoDaddy Inc.

    For more info refer this link
  20. V

    Problem with Beetel 450tc1 adsl2+ wifi router

    I am using this router as provided by airtel isp. Recently, airtel engineer changed config on router. Since then my router is transmitting 2 ssid simultaneously. One is my customized username other is MGMNT. The problem is whenever i click on a link in browser, it shows the blank page or...
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