Phone responds as switched off, even with full signal


Cyborg Agent
I bought a Redmi Note 3 from a month back.
Since then, I'm having two issues.
1. Sometimes, the fingerprint sensor doesn't work well. I have to manually enter the pin/password.

2. This happens many times. When somebody tries to call me, they are told that the phone is Switched off, when in reality, It has full tower network connection.
I checked this problem today. Called up the number in Redmi Note 3 from another mobile in the household, and it said "Switched off" and saw on the Redmi Note 3, that it has full Network.
Now, I can do with the fingerprint issue, but this "switched off" issue is really too much. Its really annoying and totally kills the idea of having a mobile phone at all, if it can't even be reached when its under full coverage.

I hope there's a solution.

Current version: 7.3.6


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Network issue really. I've had it with my phone as well but don't think it's anything to do with the phone. You could get the antenna of the phone checked out once for your peace of mind.
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