computer freezing at bios splash screen.

i was using my computer,copying some files from an external hard disk and after finishing,i switched off my computer.Then after an hour later when i switched it on my computer froze at the splash screen.
I again switched on but the same thing happened repeatedly.I ,then, disconnected my hdd and then reconnected it but the same thing happened again.
My configuration is i3 2100 intel ,dh61ww intel ,4 gb ram seagate hdd 1tb


First of all, go to bios and disable the 'show full screen boot image/picture' or something similar. Also disable the quick boot option if present.
This will allow you to see the post process as it will detect and show the status of the components like cpu, ram, sata devices...

1. IF you see failing or getting stuck after/or trying to show the installed have now restricted the zone to the memory.
2. IF you pc hangs while detecting the drives, you now have the drive(s) to worry about.Disconnect the drives and see if it proceeds.
3. If your pc fails beyond this we may have to look at the cpu/mobo section, though pt no1 depends on cpu's mem controller.Fairly uncommon.

Also, how warm does the smps/psu appear? hotter than normal?

Rams,HDD's and Psus die in such creative ways.... :)

let us know the results of the above....


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remove the ram mdoules, clean them and the slots on mobo .. remount the ram modules properly.


^^ Please share the same for the benefit of other forum members stuck with similar problems :) Cheers!!
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