S3 Battery Issues


Hi guys I own six month old S3,of late whenever i charge it it does show the battery is charging but it doesnot charge actually;then I unplug my mobile in switch on and replug it and then it charges.Please let me know what could be the reason for this.


Feeling Gravity
If it comes under warranty then visit samsung Care. It could be a hardware as well as software malfunction in device better to give back samsung


It is cause of the faulty crappy stock samsung charger, basically the usb cable which is thin and long.If you have thick and short usb to micro usb cable which comes with nokia lumia phones or even previous samsung phones, use it.I too have an s3 and had the same problem.Found an old short thicker usb to micro usb cable in my house,used it and the problem is solved.Download an app called galaxy charging lite from the play store and monitor the current voltage provide by the charger, it should be more than 900mv to charge the phone within 2 and half hours.
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