1. C

    Urgent help needed in Ubuntu installation !

    So I was gonna dual boot my XP with Ubuntu 11.10. I used a Live USB for this. Everything was fine and I set the partitions in the following way: One primary partition for Windows was already there. There were two other partitions which I deleted and merged to get a single primary partition...
  2. A

    HP DV6-6165tx vs HP DV4-3145tx ?????

    Hi, I am looking for a replacement to my prev. Gen DV6(in my sig.) Main requirements: 1.Gaming:GTA4,Crysis,COD,NFS,Battlefield etc etc 2.AutoCAD Civil,also 3D in future 3.Battery life of atleast 3Hours using Wifi web browsing at College :) (The main reason ffor swap!) So please suggest...
  3. Ranjya

    Win XP+Mandriva+Ubuntu

    My problem is that during boot Mandriva assumes /dev/sda8 as / and takes about a minute to resume bootstrap. After Ubuntu install Mandriva was not booting till I edited the grub.cfg of Ubuntu and pointed the root as /dev/sda6. This is the present partition status. /dev/sda6 is Mandriva...
  4. D

    Is it possible to swap two numbers without using a third temporary variable?

    please answer if u can.
  5. S

    Playstation 2 + controller + mem.c +Swap magic

    Modded Playstation 2 + acc [5]k!!!!!! HOT DEAL!!!! [DEAL ONLY FOR MUMBAI-ONLY PICKUP] Hi all I live in Thane,Mumbai I want to sell off my ps2 as im saving up for an xbox 360 I bought this in the states 4 months ago performs exceptionally...as if straight out from the factory PICS...
  6. akhil333

    where to Buy swap magic in hyderabad???

    i would like to buy swap magic for my ps2 v-scph 90004 (a new one) :smile:... can u pls tell me where to buy swap magic in hyderabad(address pls) :cry: or is it better to get it hard modded i mean a chip installation.. if so where can i hard mod it in hyderabad... iam very confused :? :?:.. pls...
  7. Arun the Gr8

    Is a swap partition necessary while installing Suse?

    Guys.. This is the 1st time I am installing SUSE and I wanted to clear some of my doubts: I have the following computer specs: Core i3 2 GB RAM 320 GB HDD ATI Mobility Radeon 4330 1. Is creating a swap partition necessary while installing Suse 11.2? 2. Will I be able to install...
  8. thewisecrab

    Reverting back to XP from Ubuntu. Some queries.

    Hi guys. :) I need to free up some space on my already full HDD. I had installed Ubuntu on a separate 13 GB partition (2.86 GB as swap included) I learned quite a lot :wink: I need to recover these partitions back to NTFS on Windows due to space constraints (also, I may install Win 7 in about a...
  9. cyber

    what is a swapfile

    hey guys can u tell me what a swap file is
  10. PcEnthu

    Swap two numbers without using a temporary variable

    Ok guys. Here is the problem. There are two variables x and y which hold numbers. You have to swap the value of the two variables. U might say, just store the value of x in a temporary variable z, store value of y in x and finally store z value in y :D Here is the tricky part, u have to do it...
  11. rajat22

    How can I swap my OS?

    I want to swap my OS XP Pro SP 2 from one drive to another. I have 2 separate HD in my system. Any solution?? Thanks.
  12. P

    swap deleted

    Hi, I have ubuntu 7.1 installed on my system. Today I accidentally deleted the swap partition for ubuntu. Now every time I boot into ubuntu it asks me to manually repair the file system. Can anyone help me in doing so.... Thanks in advance P.S.: I had 2 swap partitions, one of which was from...
  13. S

    Which Linux Disto to use??

    hi guyz,:) i got fedora 8(warewolf),opensuse 10.3,Ubuntu GG,Ubuntu ultimate 1.6 GG based,Linuxmint 4 daryna,mandriva 2008,PClinuxOS 2007 and DSL but im confused which one of them to install. i want surf the net,listen to songs and watch moviz and a bit of gaming as intensive gaming will be done...
  14. saurabh kakkar

    How to install ubuntu 7.10 over already installed 7.04

    I have ubuntu 7.04 installed on my system with windows 98 and Xp . Now I want to install ubuntu 7.10 on its place via LIVE CD plz tell me the procedure also tell me whether i need to allocate an swap partion as i m already having a swap partion of 275 Mbs which was created by ubuntu 7.04
  15. demoninside9

    how to??????????????????

    I m unable to mount my windows partition in linux(ubantu). wen i create directory it says there is no such directory. like.......... root@piyush: mkdir media/windows cant create:there is no such directory. how can I mount my partition. pls help me? and there r also two swap partition...
  16. saurabh kakkar

    is swap a different partition ?

    hi as i am new in the amazing word of Linux . i wanna know is swap a different partition or a sub portion ( virtual ) of main Linux partition ?
  17. S

    Linux installation guidance required.

    hi guys, i just got ubuntu 7.04(feisty fawn), these are my querise, plz answer all of them, 1. i have alloted 9.3gb for the main EXT2 partition, is it enough? 2. i have alloted 1.5gb for the SWAP partiton, is it enough? 3. is it better to have EXT2 or EXT3 filesystem? 4. ill...
  18. Pravas

    I dont want to buy Moniter

    Hello guys, i am having a older PC with a good 17' CRT LG montor. And now i mind wasting money buying another monitor for a new PC. Is there anyway i can connect the same monitor for two different CPU's ....Oviusly i am not going to run two PC at the same time...but dont want to swap monitor...
  19. ::cyborg::

    Remove Suse

    hi guys i want to remove suse 10.1. i have dual booted by comp with xp plz help total hdd 40.0 gb c: -10.0 gb d: 17.0gb linux is of 10 gb and swap is 512 mb plz help me to rmove it last time i deleted very badly and i got a grub boot error ::cyborg::
  20. O

    Window XP installation problem

    im installing XP using Dos i hav commanded "D:\i386\winnt" then blue screen appears and it says An internal Setup error occurred. Could not find a place for a swap file. Setup cannot continue. press ENTER to exit. Please tell me wat 2 do and how 2 do. Please help me u can also...
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