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  1. sysfilez

    Browsing and downloading via IDM slows up my surfing.

    Whenever i am downloading something via IDM i cant surf de net, it becomes very slow. can anyone tell me a way out by which i can surf and download simultaneously.
  2. K

    A new Crackme site just released today

    Hey guyz wanna learn about software reversing and software security and your software's vurnability towards cracking then don't forget to surf this site.... This sit needs your promotion and is made my some kids of 15... Please please please promot it... http://konstant.awardspace.com :cool:
  3. GeekyBoy

    How can I install my modem in Ubuntu 5.10

    How can I install my modem and surf the web in Ubuntu 5.10?
  4. M

    Mobile Office on k750i

    HI GUYS im using airtel MO on prepaid .Can i connect my fone to pc n surf net on pc?How do i connect by bt or usb?PLS reply soon:-)
  5. eagle_y2j

    How to get mobile !

    I wanna use my laptop to surf internet on run (travelling) its has three conectivity options wifi, bluetooth, express card suggest me cheapest way to surf .
  6. sude

    can i browse net on nok6030 with opera...HELP!!!

    dear users i am a nok6030 user. i have an Airtel bangalore connection. i have downloaded opera mini on my phone. and i want to know if i can surf the net on my phone(nok6030). if so how... i have airtel gprs settings on my phone. what to do in order to surf the net on my phone (legally or...
  7. esumitkumar

    How to surf net on PC from Nokia 6030 ?

    I have option of taking Idea GPRS in Gurgaon at 99 Rs/ mnth unlimited But how can I connect my laptop to surf net from my 6030. Plz tell . TIA Sumit
  8. reddick

    Which is the best : Dial-up OR Mobile Office?

    My PC runs on WinXP Pro.I surf via dial-up conn. of SATYAM.But now whenever i try to connect,i gt this error message - "Error : 678.The remote computer did not respond." I call CustomerCare but they also r helpless :cry: Somebody please tell me how to solve this? Secondly,i'm planning to have...
  9. M

    Restricted access to Rapidshare using AIRTEL GPRS(shared IP)

    hi friends, I am using AIRTEL GPRS connection to surf the web.My handset is SE W550i. I am having problems with the sites which restricts the user as per IP.As AIRTEL is using PROXY server & shared IP so I am not able to download from those sites eg.rapidshared,megaupload.It says ur IP is...
  10. vwad

    How to surf websites NOT WAP enabled on mobile phone ?

    Hi Team, How to surf websites NOT WAP enabled on mobile phone ? I want to surf icicidirect.com which uses asp scripting I think and 128 BIT and SSL security features. Will I be able to login and trade online on my mobile phone ? Which non-pdf high-end phone models will support this...
  11. G

    how to surf through mobile phone???

    Dear ThinkdiGit Forum Users, i hav a 2 phones nok6600 and nok6030. nok6600 belongs to my father and nok6030 belongs to me. both the handsets offers GPRService connectivity and i have activated GPRS on both the handsets (i have Airtel on both). I hav some surfing related queries stated below...
  12. S

    How to use broadband to surf wap sites on mobile?

    I connect my SE k300i to my computer through a usb cable. I dont have a gprs connection. Is there any way by which I can use my Dataone broadband connection to surf wap sites on my mobile when its connected to my computer? I dont wanna use an emulator coz then I cant download content to my pc.
  13. Z


    i get this blue screen with memory dumping....irql not less or equal ...please help.....i get it when i surf the net
  14. U

    use internet from a fone

    hey is there any way tht i can use my samsung R220 mobile with airtel to surf the internet on my pc
  15. godsownman

    Getright troubles

    I have recently installed getright 5.0 from my CD on to the computer to do a few downloads. I have now noticed that getright consumes maximum bandwith of my dial up leaving little or no speed for me to work on the net. As a result I have to choose whether I have to download or surf the...
  16. G

    how to beat the firewall?

    I've got a net connection in my office but they've also got a firewall which doesn't allow me to surf all the sites. Now I've discovered that I can only surf those sites which don't have such words as games, email, chat, dating, etc.... Now could ne one suggest such a website which would allow...
  17. S

    HOw to Install Motorola SM56 modem on red hat linux

    I have Internal Modem Motorola SM56. I have Installed Red Hat Linux 9.0 Linux detects my modem but I am not able to surf Internet on this modem When I query Modem It is not showing any commands. What Should I do to surf Internet on Linux Using Motorola SM56
  18. R

    Modem and Knoppix Problem

    Why is my internal modem not detected by Knoppix 3.2 It is detected fine by Windows XP as "SoftK56 Modem" I am longing to surf the net using KNOPPIX.... Immediate help required :( :( :(
  19. iinfi

    Sony Ericsson

    plz HELP!! I have a SE T230 phone... i want to buy data cable for my phone how much does a data cable cost ? where can i get a good one ? what can I do with it? will u b able to surf net thru GPRS ?? or is it just for synchro phone book? can i transfer images also ?? plz HELP!!
  20. A


    Hello Every one.. Well there was a thread about accessing the internet on the cybercafe's where you surf net after login in the account... so untill now there is no solution for hacking those pc to surf net on them for free. ..hmm.. however is I can get administrative login on any pc in...
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