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  1. Ricky

    sify cybercafe for free..

    Hello Every one.. This is Ricky.. (Ofcourse after a long time).. Well there was a thread about accessing the internet on the cybercafe's such as reliance as well as sify where you surf net after login in the account... so untill now there is no solution for hacking those pc to surf net on...
  2. ax3

    bandwith ???

    any software 2 check or calculate ur actual net bandwith u surf with ???
  3. O

    cannot connect via vnc

    Hi I've used RealVNC for sometime now to connect to my friends pc. Now however I cannot via VNC. I cannot even ping his PC. My ISP is BSES broadband. I can surf the net okay. Others can connect to me via VNC. Whats causing this? Any ideas ? olcal
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