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  1. jerin3013

    Hack Ur Airtel Live & Surf Free.

    TYPE http://wap.google.com/gwt/n?=(site name). After = enter Site, dat u want 2 surf. Keep Show Images:OFF
  2. M

    Hello i am facing a problem

    Hello thesedays i am facing 1 problems that i despite trying cud not solve it is Most of the websites are not opening properly thrugh any web browser like mozilla,Opera,Ie websites like youtube are oppening is a half hazard way however when i use www.hidemyass.com and the other proxy server...
  3. ilugd

    A Fantastic Offer - You are not dreaming.

    :D Yes, it is true. You are not dreaming.>> Sign up here and get 1kg of surf free.<< And no, the model on the right is not part of the offer. Disclaimer: The pictorial representation is for demonstration purposes only, refrain from holding the pack with one finger. You might hurt your finger.
  4. M

    Internet explorer

    every time i click the internet explorer icon the page opens but hangs withih 10-15 seconds. what do i do????? any help i am able to surf the net with mozilla???? but need IE..
  5. esumitkumar

    How to surf net on PC thru Moto Rokr E6 (Idea GPRS)

    Hi Frnds How to do this ? connecting my lappi to surf internet thru idea GPRS ? also surfing on mobile some sites like gmail, icicidirect and orkut doesnt open ..any fix or hacks for faster browsing on ma E6 ?? thnx Sumit
  6. R

    file sharing

    how to enable file sharing between two computers the two are connected through a modem/router and i can surf the internet from both
  7. T

    Post all BSNL CDMA IX 2000 internet

    BSML have recently lunched 2.4Mbps internet at Rs.250/month. It is EVDO system a wirelles connectivity. Just like Tata's and reliance plug to surf. It is a portable USB modem. It uses IX 2000 CDMA (WLL). It is the cheapest internet plan. For image of the device...
  8. sourav

    TATA Indicom Plug 2 Surf

    I'm sure you already know about the Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf -- with all these ads flashing in our face during the entire World Cup series. One ad goes like this: Bollywood celebrity Kajol walks in on an aspiring model and a couple of her friends. She inserts the Plug 2 Surf (a USB device) into...
  9. J

    How to Surf anonymously.

    It's a piece a cake by using below links. Anon. proxy1 Anon. proxy2
  10. Goten

    Ultra Surf or Proxifier Dead - Orkut Banned

    Guys we have this problem in college. We cannot surf orkut using our wifi. It was possible before with ultra surf but now its not. I have tried proxifier but it is also not working. They are using winroute firewall. N damn they block everything even gmail n stuff Help us out...

    Net surfing in LINUX

    How can I configure settings in Live CD to add modem or other hardware to surf net.which LIVE Cd should I use.experts plz help......
  12. 24online

    Top 100 Sites where Indians Surf

    Here is a top list of sites where Indians love to surf... Top 5... :p Yahoo Orkut Google India ( Some features r not avail. like video,maps....) Google Rediff More : http://alexa.com/site/ds/top_sites?cc=IN&ts_mode=country&lang=none :-D
  13. L

    Spammers gonna make ur mouth wet

    Hi people In his world if want ur work done easily by some one just tell him that he wd earn profit if he does a work. u know it works dont beleive check it As advertised on bsnl's site u find about making money by signing up on "Agloco" which promises to pay for the time u surf on the net...
  14. N

    Airtel GPRS hack

    ya its true you can hack your aitel connection and surf the internet for free . just check this out - http://technicaltricks.blogspot.com/2007/05/airtel-gprs-for-free_26.html
  15. T

    Offline Blogging Client

    Please suggest a good blogging client for blogger.com and windows live space. Flock is not working for me as it always gives an error that it can't connect to the network,though I am able to surf net using it.
  16. R

    Connect internet to mobile

    Is it possible to use internet on my computer to surf wap in my mobile without having GPRS.
  17. niku_19jan

    getting disconnected

    i m getting connected thrgh broadband connection....but now from two weeks whenever i m trying to upload some stuffs to any site(eg:rapidshare) i get disconnected whether the file is small or big....i m frustated....also happens when i try to download something but if i surf for 2 or 3 hours...
  18. S

    plzz suggest me a good webside for.......

    Can any one of you guys please suggest me a good webside which keeps a list pre-recorded of the websides which I want to surf & I surf the sites from my database, actually I know more than 125 websides from entertainment to studies type webside & every when I surf I forget one of oer more...
  19. Binay 007

    need for speed (surf)

    suggest me an free software that can set my modem to its optimum level of performance so i can download, upload files faster & surf the web speeder. modem:---internal d-link 56k thx
  20. ::vicky::

    Airtel Live

    hi guys iam in delhi. i want to activate a plan which airte says that it will charge 99 rs and i will be able to surf net on my phone so my question is........ 1) is that true?? 2) can i surf net on my computer instead of mobile 3) r there any extra charges thanks ::vicky::
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