1. C

    BIOS Error ""Error sending End of Post message to ME"

    On starting my Acer laptop, its shows black screen for few minutes. Then afterwards an error message is shown on screen saying ""Error sending End of Post message to ME" then it starts normally with loud noise coming from fan rotating at high speed. After 3-4 minute it get turnoff...
  2. 6Diablo9

    [Complaint] Got faulty Corsair Power supply from Snapdeal.

    I had ordered a Corsair Power Supply on 10 June 2013 from Snapdeal, I received it on 14 June 2013(Friday), but the piece was faulty, it might be from one of rejected items as even the screws didn't tighten up properly, I immediately sent a mail to Sanpdeal on same day, I didn't receive any...
  3. S

    How much Power Supply?

    I have this config: C2D e4600 Intel dg43gt mobo 4 GB RAM (4 sticks) Seagate 1.5 TB + 500 GB + 250 gb pata 2 x LG DVDRAM RW SATA Radeon 5770 1 gb ddr5 5 x 120 mm fans How much power supply should be good for it??
  4. T

    Upgrade your RAM now. Say farewell to cheap RAM

    Upgrade your Memory now. Say farewell to cheap RAM "DRAM shortages, which started in early 2013, have become worse recently and may impact PC brand vendors' performances in the second quarter, according to sources from PC players. Commenting on the issue, Acer chairman JT Wang pointed out that...
  5. Knight2A4

    Gigabyte Superb 550P GE-P450P-C2 Power Supply

    Was thinking to upgrade from my currently used Intex smart 450 watt to something better was looking some thing around 2500 Rs firstly i was thinking Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU which is around for 2498 Rs on flipkart while i was searching for an power supply unit that can provide upto 500 watts...
  6. ssdivisiongermany1933

    How is corsair CX430

    I was planning to get a new Power supply , heard of corsair which is quite good . While browsing through through ,I got a price quotation from this website which is selling Corsair CX430 for around 2.3 K , is the price ok and what about the reliability of the website Corsair Builder...
  7. S

    Buying Help

    Hello! I am Buying a new computer and these are my specs. The computer will be used for gaming , watching movies and also for browsing. Please give your reviews and suggestions. My budget is 30-35k so if you suggest anything please check the price. Also please check whether my power supply is...
  8. NoasArcAngel

    Nexus 4 supply to improve. Larry Page

    Souce: Improving Nexus 4 supply is top priority, says Larry Page Google and LG in damage control mode? Too little... too late? do you think that nexus 4 is still going to sell like hotcakes? now that the low availability and the awesome screen cracking has negatively impacted the much...
  9. ritvij

    Graphic Card required for 8k..

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? (Be EXACT while naming the company and model) Ans: 250W HCL system power supply.. no sticker on it so exact model is not known 2. What is your budget? Ans: max 8k 3. Which resolution will you game at? Ans: 1366 x 768 max 4. What are your current...
  10. V

    Help on Desktop Config

    Hey guys. I'm planning to buy the following config. Processor : AMD A10-5800K Motherboard:Gigabyte GA-F2A85X-UP4 Cooler : Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Graphics : Radeon HD 7660D RAM : 2x 4GB HDD : Seagate 1TB OS : Windows 7 x64 Power supply : ?? Casing : ...
  11. A

    gaming problems

    i have an intel i3 3.1ghz processor, 4 gb ggr3 ram , 1 gb ddr5 radeon graphics and a coolermaster 500watt power supply this coolermaster was bought recently since some of my friends had suggested that the gaming problems i was facing was due to power supply problems. the previous power...
  12. S

    Cabinet & Power Supply in 8k

    I just bought AMD FX 8120 Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3 G Skill 1x8 GB (1600) Ram HIS IceQ X 6870 1GB 2 x 1TB WD Blue I want some suggestions on Cabinet and Power Supply Had earlier thought of using old one but now my mind has changed. I would like a cabinet with nice air flow as i have...
  13. M

    UPS frequently and Unexpectedly beeps and shutdown!!!!

    Hi, I have bought Powercom UPS, model : IND-600A in year 2005. From last 2-3 days it is not working properly, when i switch on the plug socket, room's fan and lights gets fluctuating. Also when i switch on the ups by pressing the button provided on it, it starts producing sound(beep). This...
  14. S

    help needed in buying new cabin !!

    Hi , I am new here .. I would like to change my pc cabin , and decided to buy one without smps. My smps works fine without any problem. I don't know if it is 250W/300W ! in another words , which smps / what power is needed to run a cabin like Zebronics reaper ? My doubt is , if I buy a cheap...
  15. D


    hi Guys Thanks for replying to my earlier threads.Its pretty much useful. I want to check power supply of my system.Is there any way to check smps strength and power supply.:-o
  16. G

    System doesn't boot if new card is slotted home

    Hello everyone. Thank you for the replies in advance. I have the following system : Mercury Kobian PI945GCM motherboard Zebronics 450W power supply 1.5 GB RAM Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz Windows XP 32-bit SP3 Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 512 MB As you can see, a very basic config. I...
  17. kartikoli

    SMPS to power GTS 250 1GB

    recently purchased XFX GTS 250 1GB and the device need some good power supply so please advice a cheap and reliable solution Is Gigabyte 550W enough to power this card or is there a cheap solution Gigabyte PoweRock Power Supply, 80Plus Certified, True 550W 550 Watt SMPS i5 i7 | eBay
  18. R

    Changing PSU, help.

    Okay, so i built my first PC(see signature for specs) about a fortnight ago and now i realize that the PSU i have, Huntkey Green Power 550w is not that good. I currently have a 9500gt card but will be upgrading to a 7850HD soon, Today one the RAMs in my motherboard crashed, it has hardware...
  19. N

    Graphics Card for around 6-7K

    1. Which Power Supply do you have? Ans: OK, the power supply right now is one of the blacklisted ones, i'm not sure about the make. So, I'l get a new one. Please suggest me a good power supply too. 2. What is your budget? Ans: 6-7K for Graphics Card and 2k for the power supply. 3. Which...
  20. M

    cm 500w vs tagan stonerock tg500

    Hi Guys let me know which is best one Cooler Master 500 W eXtreme Power Supply @3.2k Tagan Stonerock Series TG500-U37 Max. Power 600W Power Supply @3.3k Just run cpu e5800@3.2ghz and MSI hd 5770 with 4gb ram 500gb hdd and 5 fans in it. No oc . Not sure less wat would handle...
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