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Gigabyte Superb 550P GE-P450P-C2 Power Supply


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Was thinking to upgrade from my currently used Intex smart 450 watt to something better was looking some thing around 2500 Rs firstly i was thinking Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU which is around for 2498 Rs on flipkart while i was searching for an power supply unit that can provide upto 500 watts so i would not have to change in near future when i upgrade I found Gigabyte Superb 550P GE-P450P-C2 Power Supply On techshop.in for about 2647 Rs. But i have not heard of gigabyte PSU so just wanted to ask if any one of you have experience with a gigabyte PSU is it worth the buy ..........I did check gigabyte site & it there alright



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Superb 550P is not a goo choice .. get Antec VP450P or Seasonic SS-400BT Eco / Corsair CX 430v2.


I remember digit mag recommending that exact same PSU in one of the issues (maybe pre dec 2012)
Anyways, this, and Gigabyte PoweROck 550 (available at ebay) can be considered alternatives to Antec and Corsair, IF and only IF we can find some reviews of it ..
Unfortunately, ive searched everywhere and no one has bothered to post a review lol
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