1. L

    Triband Shutdown Problem

    Hi 4 d last 6 months i m using triband nite unlimited plan. my problem, is there any command which can disconnect my pc at 8 in the mornin. i was usin this command for the last 2 months in dos mode "shutdown -s -t (time in secs) -f ". with this command, my pc use to shutdown after that...
  2. G

    disconnection of dial up connection

    Hi 1. when connected to the net if the power goes immediately the net stops working. What relation it got with power supply? 2. Exactly after 2hrs to 2hrs 5 min the connection gets disconnected why? Please help.
  3. S

    Balancing battery and power supply on laptop

    Hi I have a laptop which I use to carry work between office and home... Since I mostly use it at home and office and not while carrying it around, most often I am able to use a power supply to avoid battery getting drained... However, recently a computer technician told me that if I dont...
  4. din4204u

    biggest system problem i have ever faced.........please help

    guys i have a system with following specifications amd sempron 2000+ at 1330 MHz on ecs km400-m2 mobo 2x256 mb ddr400 ram 250gb hitachi pata(recently added) 80gb hitachi sata benq drive 350 wt local power supply with 16A on +12 v line. i have win xp with via 4 in 1 and via hyperian pro...
  5. C

    what power supply should i ideally have ??

    hi, my pc config is P4 1.6 GHz, 512 mb DDR ram, 120 GB (80+40) HDD, samsung combo DVDR+CDRW drive, GEFORCE FX 5200 Agp card, Compro Video mate tv tuner, plus a lan card, a printer (HP PSC 1410), a web cam etc... what kind of a power supply is ideal for my config ? my...
  6. Champ

    Calling all hardware tech - Need help

    Hi all i am a 2nd year cs engg studend and currently working on a project in which i need 5v & 12v supply As far as i know SMPS of Pc supplies 12V, 5V, & 3.3 V can anybody help me that how i cam use these supplies ie which port gives which type of supply thanks in advance
  7. gauravnawani

    Nvidia 6600 having trouble during game runs

    Hi, I just bought the Nv6600, the problem is during the game run like the demo of quake4 it runs fine uptill the interface but as soon as you hit start after a few seconds of loading the computer shutsdown abruptly. I am of the opinion that this has more to do with the SMPS power supply...
  8. M

    [b]Regarding Big Geforce 6600(non gt)[/b]

    HI folks, My name is abhijit i am new to the forum well i am planning to buy BIG - GEForce 6600 graphics cards and i have foxconn motherboards intel P IV 1.8GHz processor well when i have visited official site for this card i found a thing it says minimum 350 wt power supply needed and i have...
  9. T

    problems with new AMD system.HELP!

    Hi there. I got a brand new system with the following configuration: AMD Athlon 64 3200+ /512KB Cache/2000 MHzFSB/Socket 939 2 * 512 MB DDR TRANSCEND RAM 400 MHZ MSI K8N SLI Platinum M/B - nForce4 SLI - Socket 939 XFX GeForce 6600 graphics Card 256 Mb Memory Western Digital Sata 7200 rpm...
  10. G

    Getting the right Power Supply

    These days, when people buy a powerful new computer system, weather based on athlon64 or Intel Pentium 4, or Celeron D or Sempron, weather they buy a 6600GT or 6800GT, they forget about the most important & vital component of the system, The SMPS. SMPS stand for Switch Mode Power Supply, one...
  11. D


    I am gonna buy AMD 64 3000+ venice with A8N-E and 2*512 Mb DDR 400, leadtek 6600GT 128Mb DDR3,160Gb SATA samsung, 17" Flat CRT monitor, ADSL Usb modem. I may OC the proccy upto 2.2GHz Max. Please suggest me a good and cool looking Cabinet and Power Supply with must not cost me more than...
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