1. Y

    is mi piston 3 for bass lover?

    Hi guys I need a new iem under 1k. I am a bass lover.1 year back digit members suggested me to get denon ah-260 and I liked it. Now I need something new. so should I get piston 3 for bass?
  2. a_medico

    Monitor or TV?

    I am thinking of buying an external monitor (21 to 27 inch) for my 14 inch lenovo laptop. Purpose - 1) Basic Office use 2) Photo editing in lightroom Someone suggested me to go for LED TV instead. Which would be the better option?
  3. D

    Problem with Windows 7

    I have windows 7 installed in my computer. I had three gadgets floating at right sidebar for long. They are Calendar, CPU usage and Kaspersky. Last 2 days I am unable to find them. Trying to add them again doesnot work. I tried sfc.exe as suggested at microsoft support. But, it was of no use...
  4. akhilc47

    Programming sites like spoj and Text book for data structures and algorithms

    Hi guys, I posted couple of months back asking which book to buy for studying c programming and you guys suggested " c programming language " by dennis ritchie. It turned out to be a great book(only 130 bucks too!!) and now I'm able to solve programs from friend suggested this). Is...
  5. dashing.sujay

    Tablet around 15k.

    When any body asks suggestion for a tab, my face goes blank :|, as I consider it the most worthless device made ever. Nevertheless, a suggestion has been asked by an uncle. Purpose is "general". PS: I also suggested him for a mobile (X:SP) as an alternative as he was also asking about...
  6. pramudit

    need Headphones for gaming at 1.5k

    My friend needs a good circumaural headphone for gaming on his computer. His budget is 1.5k(extendable to 2k max). He needs them to be bass heavy, suggested sennheiser hd 201 but I heard that they have a neutral signature.
  7. Ironman

    Suggest a UPS based on my Needs

    PSU ~~ 650W CPU [i7 3770k+Z77xup5th+7970] Monitor : ASUS 23" IPS LED 3D Speaker: Altec Lansing 2.1 1.Which Brand? 2.How Much Power ?............. 600mva / 800 mva / 1Kva?? 3. Is Service Center is available for your suggested Brand in Kolkata? I am aiming minimum Electricity Cost ...
  8. GhorMaanas

    2.1 or 5.1 speakers for TV

    Hello! am posting this query on behalf of a friend. he needs a set of speakers to be used mostly with his TV. details are as follows: # location - indore # budget - upto 4k # choice - 2.1 or 5.1 (?!) # essential(s) - USB port. # usage - priority is listening to music, then TV (reliance...
  9. N

    New Pc Config ...

    Thanks for the lots of supportive and informative answers my friend. It took a load off my chest when i came to know Corsair has a service center here in bhubaneswar. This is the fact i was worried about because i can buy online but the after sales service is a problem. I think the i ball...
  10. K

    Hope I have not been Cheated with ths Router ?

    Hey Guys, Based on some suggestions here and the review reported here by some of the guys who are right now using this router,I finally decided to buy it Now though it is the same model ASUS RT-N13U B1 that people have suggested me, no where on the packagaing Box, does it mention that I can...
  11. warfreak

    Intel i7 3770 + Asus B75 M LE good combination?

    My friend just bought a new system with the titled configuration. I suggested an overclockable config but he does not prefer to OC. So is the above configuration right for him?
  12. S

    Best casing

    Hi all, I have to choose between NZXT and Antec for casing as it is being suggested by my friends. pls help ..... Budget is 6k.
  13. V

    new lapi

    laptop for 40k with os loaded wifi and graphic card, advise which co. i should go for, somebody suggested to go with dell i5,is it ok?
  14. A

    Inviting opinions/suggestions for a 50K gaming rig

    Following are the responses to the standard questionnaire:- 1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.')...
  15. coolest111

    Suggestions 4 choosing ipad 2/ipad 3

    My frnd have a budget of 30k he wants an ipad Now he have these options Ipad 2 32gb wifi Ipad 3 16gb wifi He don't need 3g one :P Which 1 should he get?? I suggested 2 go wid ipad 2 16gb wifi + bose OE headphone combo @ 31k :P
  16. S

    2.1 or 5.1 for 10 to 15K~

    2.1 or 5.1 for 10 to 15K~ (With Optical Input) Hi, I am interested in buying a new Speaker system that has dual roles , for HT(FULL HD Movies) and Music(occasional full surround but mostly stereo mp3). Mostly for Music but it should be good enough for the occasional HT experience... :P I...
  17. d6bmg

    suggestion about all in one printer ~3.3K

    One of my friend need to buy an all-in-one printer. He will buy it by tomorrow. His budget under 3.3K. I've suggested him: Canon pixma mp27. Any better suggestion guys??
  18. S

    audio syncing errors

    i am trying to merge some audio and video so there are two channels of audio which are quite possible by various merging softwares such as mkvmerge which is used by me........ but sometimes the audio and video are not of the same someone suggested me to slow down the fps of...
  19. Sarath

    What to do about this slowing LAPTOP?

    This has been on my mind ever since i bought this PC. "How to make it faster?" Brief History: 2years back got this HP dv6 laptop [Config core2duo 2.0Ghz, 3GB, Win Vista SP2, 1GB Ati]. The PC took a lot of time to boot ever since the begining due to Vista. Then it didnt take very long to...
  20. rohitshakti2

    Error while booting

    I am getting the following error while booting: Here are the pictures of the error: [/COLOR]I had OCed my PC to 3.4 ghz and now hv removed that OC. But the error is still not going..... OC was done as suggested here...
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