1. R

    Core i5 2500k + mobo

    I want to buy Core i5 2500k and overclock it at least to 4.5 ghz so Which is the motherboard suggested within 9k range and What is the cost of i5 2500k?
  2. P

    Config Req. for Intel i5 655k processor based system

    Hi Digit Team/Users I'm new guy for this forum though I'm long time subscribed user for Digit Magazine. I'm planning to buy a new system for which I choose Intel i5 655K processor as base. Please advice your suggestions for following doubts 1. Which mother board I can go for...
  3. fatalcore

    Urgent graphics card

    Need a graphics card Budget : 6000-7000 MAX ! PSU : 500W Zebronics Professional. I suggested : XFX HD 5670 512MB Please assist.
  4. R

    what is wyzo?

    Hi, Any idea about 'Wyzo browser'? Does it perform well? I came across this while looking for firefox plugins on the addon site. there it is suggested to be x10 faster than firefox. is it true? Do nayone know any thing about it?
  5. NoasArcAngel

    Help in Choosing Options ...

    My Friend wants to buy a new laptop for about 55~60k and he can get it from america so he was wondering what should he go for ... his first choice is a alienware m15x but i even suggested that he should take a loot at the asus G51J 3D and toshiba gaming laptops.... if you guys have any other...
  6. T

    UBUNTU display drivers

    I've installed Ubuntu only yesterday in my new laptop everything worked out fine till I installed the nVidia display driver suggest by its search. When I rebooted, the display went blank after displaying the normal ubuntu startup circles. Actually the display gets switched off and NOT BLACK (you...
  7. L

    Is Samsung S8000 Jet a Good phone ?

    Hi I m thinking of buying a new phone and one of my friends suggested Samsung S8000 Jet. has anyone tried out Samsung S8000 Jet? Please share your views.
  8. saqib_khan

    GPU under 5.5k

    Hi Guys, Created a new thread after a long time. My friend wanna purchase a GPU under 5.5k. Budget is strictly under 5.5 k but can increase 0.5 k if required. So I suggested him 9800 GT. So any suggestions ?
  9. B

    Please suggest a cabinet w/o PSU for around 2k

    As suggested in my previous thread about upgrading my system, I have decided to not upgrade right now and instead use my old P4 based gaming system for a few more months until i5/price wars/price cuts come along: * But the problems is that...
  10. A

    Installing tweetdeck on Ubuntu 8.04

    I have been trying for sometime to install tweetdeck. I have Ubuntu8.04 OS. Have also tried doing what is suggested in the Ubuntu forums. Has someone done it? Any guidance will be really appreciated.
  11. vamsi_krishna

    Decent earphones for 1.5k

    Hi, I've a budget of 1.5k(Incl. Shipping) to buy earphones for my pc. I am also planning it to use it with 30GB ipod.Will the suggested one offer more performance than bundled...? Thanks.
  12. rajivnedungadi

    64 bit Intel PC

    Can someone suggest me an Intel based 64 bit processor and a motherboard etc? What would be the price of the same. It would be great if a model number is suggested.
  13. raksrules

    Need suggestions on buying a cycle

    Hi all, I need suggestions on buying a new cycle. My primary purpose is for office commuting which is around 15 Kms from my home. Please suggest me something. It should not be expensive. Infact i am looking for a sub 5k model. I can purchase the bike from Mumbai / Pune. The bicycle should be...
  14. T

    Need help in buying a laptop!!!!!

    Hi guys i am looking to buy a new laptop,it would be mainly used for gaming and watching movies. I was looking for an XPS(8600m gt), then i heard about dv5-1015tx and 1120tx(9600m gt). All of the above 15.4". Then somebody suggested studio 17(hd3650). Now i am really confused and in dire need of...
  15. SenthilAnandh

    New Laptop from US

    EDIT: Guys I have one more in the list. If yes for this means, I have to cancel the other order so please suggest immediately. Thanks, * * Thanks...
  16. confused

    Can anyone tell me the location of 'Music Mall' in Mumbai???

    i only know its in Churchgate, but where exactly in Churchgate??? (i want to buy my first guitar, and this shop was suggested by a friend) thanks guys.
  17. ramprasad

    Suggestion for college project

    Hi, My brother is doing his final year Bsc Computer Science. I am looking for a suitable project title for him. I want him to use a database and do something. But, I am confused whether to go ahead with Java or .NET. Also, I need some idea, so as what to implement. I had...
  18. din

    New way of spam in Thinkdigit - Have a look

    This is the new (innovative) way of spamming. Please have a look at these threads. * and * and * and...
  19. tarey_g

    Need an iPhone (Pune)

    Hi , one of my friend needs a iphone , if anyone in Pune can help me with it. we are new in pune and have no idea where to get one from. What is the estimated price (afaik its around 22-24k for some model) . If any one has got it what are the pro's and con's . I suggested him some another...
  20. apoorv.sharma

    Best PC Speakers within and around 1.5k

    The title says it all. Till now, quite a few people have suggested me these ones: * All suggestions appreciated! Thanks to everyone in advance :)
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