2.1 or 5.1 for 10 to 15K~


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2.1 or 5.1 for 10 to 15K~ (With Optical Input)

I am interested in buying a new Speaker system that has dual roles , for HT(FULL HD Movies) and Music(occasional full surround but mostly stereo mp3).
Mostly for Music but it should be good enough for the occasional HT experience... :p

I have an Altec lansing AVS300( which were OK for the 'then' budget) but lacks fidelity(too much bass OK mids Low highs).

The suggested system should do a lot better than these please :wink: ...
Am more inclined towards a 5.1 but don't want to compromise on quality...

Precedence to Quality over features...Budget 10K to 15K~

BUT Need to have an Optical input.

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Here goes my suggestion...

Buy either Edifier C6 5.1- 14k.

Source: Golcha it

or Edifier DA5000 Pro 5.1 - 11k

Source: Golcha it
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