CPU turns off suddenly

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When i switch on the PC, it started with a 'tik' sound and after about 2 or 3 minutes it suddenly turn off by itself with the same 'tik' sound.. I am unable to explain the 'tik' sound :) .. Its not the Beep sound that i usually heard.. Can anybody help me..


i tooo had the Similar problem but
after i heard the Tick the System used to Struck totally
Changing The Hdd Cable helped For Me ;)


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Check your RAM.

Check the SMPS and motherboard fan.

Check your cables, sometimes it tends to get loose (even i have that problem).

Hope this helps.


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dude...it could be that ur proccy is getting overheated.....
my proccy has a limit of 105"....and i had not placed the heatsink properly...so had this same problem.... till i resolved it by fitting the heatsink properly.....

and yeah that sound is simply, ur hard-disk shutting down!!!
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dude it occurred with me too 1 week ago . it is generaly due to over heating i simply cleaned my pc ( a lot of dust ) with vacuum cleaner ( i was playing my cpu fan passing air with blower and broke it he he he ) and now it is working fine .
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