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  1. B

    Wifi stops working all of a sudden

    Hi Guys, In our hp ab522tx laptop the wifi stops working all of a sudden. Only a restart fixes it, if we diagnose the problem via network adapter properties it resets something, but for the same to take place a restart is required. Everything under network adapter in device manager is up to...
  2. B

    Windows 10 weird issues

    Hello Friends, We have a Harassment-Packard laptop that came with a Windows 10 Home OS. It is giving weird issues like sometimes the wifi disconnects all of a sudden and we have to restart to make it connect again. In networking properties sometimes the realtek wifi shown is disabled and when we...
  3. gameranand

    A sudden rise in Zombie games

    Guys is it just me or you guys have also noticed it. A few years back there weren't so many zombie games but now when I go to steam or any gaming site then its flooding with Zombie games. Just too many games of this type. What triggered the sudden rise in development of so many zombie games or I...
  4. R

    sudden and random FPS drop - 7870

    I own a new sapphire 7870 (bought just a month ago). I am experiencing sudden drop in fps while playing games, even while playing a low level game like LOL. This issue is gone as soon as I restart the machine and everything is normal thereafter. It is pretty random and so I am not able to find...
  5. Hrishi

    Samsung LCD monitor settings not accessible.

    Recently encountered a sudden problem in my Desktop's LCD monitor. Its ~2 year old Samsung SMB2030. The monitor has a touch panel below the screen to access the settings , and on/off. Everything is based on touch-keys. I haven't used it since couple of weeks , until today when all off sudden...
  6. maninder4k

    Airtel Sudden Reaction!

    I have been using Airtel Broadband since 2007 & According to my plan Airtel is providing 512K Plan Uptill 5GB & then speed decline to 64K Plan But this never actually happened. I always download more than 15Gb per month & My PC remain on for all of the month day & night due to downloading in...
  7. D

    Problem with Adobe After effects offline installation |!|

    Installation goes well till it reaches 17% n den all f a sudden it gets stuck with "Insert Disk After Effects Diskette " ! What to do ??:|
  8. curioustechy

    Sudden shut down of laptop

    last day while i was using my laptop all of a sudden system was shut down and restarted with a blue screen error.. it is like this *********************** Problem signature: Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional information...
  9. soumya

    2 mbps connection and getting 10-15 kb/s in torrents!

    I use a lot of private and public trackers. My ratios are good in each one of them. I used to get around 250-300 kB/s download speeds but all of a sudden I am getting around 10-15 kB/s. I have tried different clients but still getting the same speed. I get around 260 kB/s in Internet Download...
  10. A

    Michael Jackson's next live performance "GROOVE IN THE GRAVE"

    Michael Jackson's next live performance : NEVER... Jeez...Mikey is DEAD!! Too soon n sudden !
  11. N

    Sudden Power Off

    Hi.. I am facing an unusual problem for the last three months. My pc powers off all of a sudden, no overheating problem, i changed my heatsink paste. But of no results, when i took it for repair, there it was running smoothly, but after returning back home this same problems occurs. I have...
  12. tech_cheetah

    vista automatically hibernating

    My laptop goes into hybernation automatically all of a sudden. Please suggest where the problem lies.
  13. iMav


    Full Article Why do I foresee a sudden surge in bandwidth consumption of the site? :D Have fun, may you find some Open Source love :D
  14. chandan.singh123

    help! pc not booting up

    i bought and set up a new pc and now it refuses to boot. here is the config: core 2 quad e6600 asus maximus formula (x38 chipset) 4 gb ddr2 800 mhz ram ati 3870x2 700w tagan psu after assembling the pc, it ran fine for a few hours and then all of a sudden it automatically shut itself...
  15. P

    Usb Probs!!

    hey..... dunno y all ov a sudden all my usb interfaced equipments hv failed 2 wurk.... neither does d pc recognize it nor does d led lite up!!! so kindly advice me accordingly! n dis is like all ov a sudden aite! hve tried all kinda software solutions!!! Waitin fer responses.... Thnx in advance!:o
  16. baccilus

    My mouse cursor has got malaria

    I have an iBall Laser precise mouse. The problem is that the cursor keeps shaking( shivering ) on its own. Even when the mouse is absolutely stationary and even when I have reduced the sensitivity. When I raise it from the surface, the shivering stops. This problem seems to have developed of...
  17. A

    Trouble Recognizing CD/DVD Drive all of a sudden !

    Hello everybody, I am having a strange problem,as my system has stopped showing my two CD/DVD drives in the "My Computer" menu all of a sudden,even though they are working mechanically and it seems that there is no problems with their connection as both the trays are functioning normally...
  18. E

    Bluetooth error

    I have a Dell Inspiron 630m notebook..whever i switch on the Bluetooth i recieve an error ' USB Device not recognised'...it was functioning properly earlier but all of a sudden i recieve this error. I have reloaded the bluetooth stack but to no avail..Can anyone help?
  19. T

    automatic opening windows

    hey ! help me is it a virus? While i m connected to the net, new windows [openieng my home page] open automatically. sometimes 2 windows, sometimes 1 window is opened all of a sudden even though i do not click on n e thing
  20. N


    Friends, my outlook express has stopped downloading mails and also sending them all of a sudden though it was working flawlessly for alomost 2 years withou any disturbance. by the way, i did installed the trial version of NAV 2005 from Digit CD, after which i haven't been able to...
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