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  1. Faun

    TDF forum theme

    Dark and Light themes for the forum. Main ideas behind these two themes: 1. Keep the minimalism 2. Easy on eyes TDF Light Album on Imgur TDF Dark Album on Imgur How to apply/update the themes PS: Tested in Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  2. A

    stylish laptop

    hello guys' I have a query i want to give my sister a laptop that should be good looking and stylish and not kiddish as she is a doctor my fav brands are dell,hp the laptop need not be a monster but should be a good performer it should have minimum Core i5 4th or 3rd generation, 4 gb of ram...
  3. S

    Best earphone for my new n4 under 1k !!!!

    i want best earphone for my N4 arnd 1k.....(200 up if needed) it should have -> 1) good quality 2) good base 3) stylish :P 4) well known brand 8-) 5) mic (optional)
  4. nikku_hot123

    Need a stylish latop within 35k

    Hey guys please help me getting a stylish, light and with good battery life laptop(need to travel with it) for my friend. I am gonna purchase within a week. plz its urgent. 1) What is your budget? 35~37k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream...
  5. K

    Looking for a Stylish laptop with decent specs.

    I'm looking for a stylish laptop with decent specs for casual gaming. ( Core i5 / 4-6 GB RAM / 500GB HD / 1 or 2GB Graphics card ) Cost isn't really a issue, I can exceed it to 55K. I wanted to know if beats special edition laptops by HP are still available in India ? I couldn't find...
  6. M

    [For Sale] Samsung S3 Nillkin Stylish Case

    Hi. Guys selling extra Samsung S3 Nillkin Stylish case Expected price : 1300 inclusive of shipping. It has scratch gaurd with cleaning cloth.
  7. C

    Best phone under 10,000?

    What is the best phone possible under Rs. 10,000?It should have an above average camera and should be fully touch screen and the screen should be big enough.Also should be stylish.
  8. D

    Suggest a Netbook 11 inch upto Rs.20000

    I want a netbook screen size 10-11, screen resolution not less than 1368x768, Should be stylish. I dont want HP.
  9. quan chi

    Fable 3

    I know few members here have completed it. But i must say though the pc version of the game is a bit crippled it seems nice. just unlocked the family package(marriage,love etc.;-).:D) Though i maybe in the starting levels(first two hours maybe) of the game till now it seems really nice. I...
  10. H

    Need two handsets--one for father and one for me !!!

    hi, iam a teenager and want to buy two sets. one for me and other for my father.... 1) i think ill get the 3110 classic for my father..what's ur opinion??? 2) i still cant choose one for me..pls suggest one for me under 4k... my specs: ** stylish (but no need to sacrifice features for...
  11. azzu

    Want a Stylish Mobile Under 10k..

    hey guys want to buy a mobile fone for my sis under 10k strict no increasing of budget she liked the super nova 7610 and nokia s500i though i dont like both can u please suggest a few to her needs -->Stylish (stand out in Crownd type ;) ) -->Good sound amd Decent Cam -->any style things...
  12. syedshaz77

    best stylish phone under 4k

    hi i just need a good stylish phone under 4k for my sis... im thinking of these ones samsung e250 does it hav problems regarding gprs... lg kp200 nokia 2680s plz suggest...............:confused:
  13. krates

    Best bluetooth enhancement for 3K

    I want to get myself a bluetooth headphone i was having my eyes on S9 but no one sells it separately so can't get it please suggest me some good stylish ones :D
  14. Dark Star

    Gmail Redesigned : Pimp Your Inbox

    I have changed my Email Client to Gmail.. I was fed up with Hotmail low features and bad Linux support.. So I am happy with Gmail and Thunderbird.. Though I don't use mail.google.com now . Thanks to Thunderbird but having a pimped Inbox is a great thing :) Gmail default look is pretty plain...
  15. amitava82

    HOW TO: Get old Kirsch forum theme back!

    Update: Everything at one place.. Here *************************** UPDATE on June 24, 2009: * Removed new header and footer ads. Please download the one that says [NEW]. I've forgotten old account login credentials. :p *************************** I've already posted my tutorials...
  16. Q

    very stylish fone under 7k..?

    Hi Everyone, can any one suggess a very stylish fone under 7k......... it may be of any brand... Requirements are expandable memory, decent camera, Good sound, better video, and perfect screen width.... waiting for your suggesstions
  17. S

    Nokia 3120 classic

    Just seen the sepcification of nokia 3120 classic, at nokia.co.in. Its having 2 mp cam with flash, fm stereo, music player, upto 4 gb card support. Also it looks very stylish. Does any one know about this phone? I think this set havent released at india mkt, as the web site showing...
  18. Edburg

    Which mobile for my dad ?

    My dad is looking for a new mobile probabaly in range of 4k..... above all he wants a good looking stylish phone....and one that is good at making calls....he doesnt want any other features but is a bonus if it is there.... i am thinking of getting samsun e250 for 5k as it gives 1 gb card...
  19. D

    the sexiest and stylish

    Folks i want to buy a phone which falls in below 10000 rs . i dont care mush abt the features except bluetooth and a music player . the phone should be sleek , stylish and unique . i am sick of the bulky box phones .
  20. anandk

    Firefox Extension: Stylish-How To Customize Google...

    Firefox Extension: Stylish. Customize Google... "Are you sick of Google's boring blue on white search results? Well so am I. Luckily it's very easy to customize websites with your own CSS cheats with the Stylish plugin for Firefox. Once you've installed that plugin, you can easily...
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