1. A

    Playstation 2 Noob Questions!!

    I am new to this PS2 stuff and I would really appreciate it if you guys could help. And plz do not tell me there are thousands of threads with similar issues. I am starting this thread as I need some answers For my questions. Alright here it is: 1) Which model of PS2 Is available in the...
  2. S

    Where does firefox stores its internet files??

    Where does firefox stores its temporary internet files?? and how to read them directly?
  3. pushkar

    Nokia 5700 XpressMusic

    I am planning to buy Nokia 5700 shortly. I am from New Delhi. The problem is that 5700 is not available in any store which I have checked. Can anyone inform me about nokia dealers in south delhi? I also have to buy a 2 gb microsd along with the mobile. Do stores provide option of exchanging the...
  4. ajayritik

    Which is the best Charger available and rechargeable batteries?

    I have a Canon Digital Camera A550 which I bought recently! Can someone suggest me a nice charger and rechargeable batteries? I checked in one of the stores and he was telling something about Uniross! Can someone please give me more names?
  5. girish.g

    n91-8GB for 10k

    source Nokia-N91 (8GB)...
  6. iMav

    If only it cud print in a gold plated frame

    Samsung's Sexy Printers to be Sold Exclusively at Sexy Apple Stores Samsung's sexy printers, launched earlier this month at IFA, are to be sold exclusively in Apple stores. The ML1630 and SCX-4500, (above) costing $199 and $299 respectively, will be available at both online and physical stores...
  7. utsav

    dont u think that koutons, charlie outlaw and cotton county r cheating us

    50%+49% off you hav to bear with these ads which u see each day on tv and in news papers . don't u think they r fooling us .:mad: just imagine why a company sells its goods at discount .your answer will be to clear the remaining stock or to increase product sale. but i don't think that a...
  8. thewisecrab

    URGE Prob in WMP11

    Hi guys U see i recently installed WMP11(dont ask) i have only asked it to scan 4 muzic in my pc but now all of a sudden a store called URGE is asking me to sign up 4 its services i didnt even ask 4 its services is there any way i can remove this URGE in my online stores tab and reinstate the...
  9. mail2and

    India may get its first Apple Store

    Source: The Financial Express Good stuff. :) I'm impressed with the Rs 777 phone that the Anil-led Reliance bought out recently. Now it's time for Mukesh to please us. :)
  10. aryayush

    Apple’s Lesson for Sony’s Stores: Just Connect

    Apple’s Lesson for Sony’s Stores: Just Connect Customers at an Apple store in Palo Alto, Calif. Apple opened its first store in 2001 and now has over 180. More than half of each store’s staff works in post-sales service. By RANDALL STROSS Published: May 27, 2007 RETAIL is supposed...
  11. rajivrocks

    Bharti to invest 2.5bln$ in deal with Wal-Mart

    NEW DELHI - Mobile phone firm Bharti Enterprises, which aims to start a chain of retail stores in India with US-based Wal-Mart, said it will invest up to 2.5 bln usd in the project by 2015. 'After revolutionizing the Indian telecom sector, retail will be the next big focus area for Bharti. The...
  12. C

    pc mobile

    Hi dudes I want a mobile phone which i can use it to ...... 1. Browse website completely and do trade transactions through my mobile 2. run the inventory software that i use in my stores, so that i can check the status of buz on the move. 3. also to see the video that is...
  13. shakti

    Need Help In Browser Like Mozilla,IE etc.

    Hi,Guys.. My System Config.:::Win XP (SP-2),Celeron.... I have One Doubt Regarding Frequently Used Browsers... The Problem Is like This ::: When We Made Any Page BookMark(In Mozilla) OR Favourite(In IE) Then Where does The OS Actually Stores The Details Regarding That.. If I want To...
  14. J

    120 mm case fans, availability and cost

    In digit as well as other forums, 120 mm cabinet fans are recommended for their better air circulation and lower noise compared to the popular 80 mm ones. In search of such fans I have enquired at different places in Kerala, even at big dealers and they are not even aware that such fans exist...
  15. saintdark

    Pune Computer Stores

    Hi, I want to assemble an Amd SLI system with 2 gefrce 7900 cards, iam unable to find a good store that offers the hardwares, can anyone please help me with good stores in PUNE Thx in advance Regards Rej
  16. overdose_14

    international online stores

    i am planning to buy water cooling kit and high end graphic card pls tell me the names of online stores which can send the stuff in india
  17. S

    Access Trouble

    I have a network at home and it is controlled by my brother. He usually has some of the folders (where he stores the files he wrotes 2 the CDs) password protected. I frequently need 2 checkout the installers that he stores there so that I can install them on my machine. But i cannot access...
  18. Sourabh

    Nokia to launch phone that stores 3,000 songs

    Nokia to launch phone that stores 3,000 songs Nokia on Wednesday announced a trio of new phones, including one that can store up to 3,000 songs. The N91 has an integrated 4GB hard disk and supports digital music formats including MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA, Nokia said. Additionally, the...
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