1. puneet sharma

    Ram ?

    can i use ram chip of same type and speed but of different brands.i curently have moserbaer 2x1 ddr2 667mhz ram. Also can i know some wholesale stores in chandigarh for purchase of radeon 7750 and ram
  2. H

    Galaxy s3 release June?

    Hi now that we are all but sure that teh s3 will be unveiled on may 3rd can anyone estimate when will it actually hit the stores some reports are saying that it might be early june what do you guys think ??
  3. C

    Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip

    The new Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip doesn't see to be available in any stores. I tried and amazon ( but it's double the price since they direct import from the U.S. Isn't it available in any stores in Mumbai? Regards, Casper
  4. Desmond

    EA to release 6 copies of Mass Effect 3 via weather balloons

    EDIT: Its actually 6 copies :P I think this should be in the Gamerz section, but its news so what the hell. Source
  5. M

    where can i buy used pc components in lamington road, mumbai ?

    i want to buy used cpu and gpu from lamington road, so please suggest me some stores.
  6. M

    stores in lamington road to sell pc components ?

    i want to sell so pc components in lamington road. can anybody suggest me any stores there?
  7. S

    Where to buy Computer Components From?

    I am buying computer components,want to know what all online indian sites and stores sell them.I am from Mumbai I want to buy the following: Intel 2600k or 3930k Z68 or X79 motherboards 2tb or 3tb HDD Corsair Graphite 600T White Case 600-700watts power supply 4gbx2 or 4gbx4 DDR3...
  8. dashang

    Need help in Client server program

    I want to implement a program in linux using c/c++ to implement client server architecture using pocket programming. It should be such that when a user Stores a file on server the server slits the file and stores it on 2 or more server. Whenever user retrieves the file, the server retrieves...
  9. digitaltab

    battlefield 3, cod mw3 online purchase

    hi, can any1 tell me the websites from where to purchase in india, cod modern warfare 3 and battlefield 3, and also are there any local stores in new delhi which provide gaming software dvds? PLEASE SPECIFY ALL THE SOURCES TO BUY THE GAMES IN INDIA.
  10. socrates

    Exclusive : iPhone 4S to Launch in India November?

    iPhone 4s Launch in India, Price, Specs and Features -
  11. gdebojyoti

    How to buy the Aakash Tablet?

    I am thinking of buying the Aakash Tablet. But I am not sure of how to buy it. Is it available in any of the online stores (like yet?
  12. maxmk

    Brands with online stores

    Hello Guys, Can someone provide a list of Tech or Internet brands like Mozilla, Google, Ubuntu who have online stores to purchase stuff like bags or any other merchandize?
  13. R

    In Win Maelstrom cabinet

    guys , i am thinking of buying either In Win Maelstrom cabinet or epro dragon.. can't find it online and in stores.. can someone tell me where can i find both online and at stores
  14. V

    APC 800VA UPS Price Dilemma

    Hi... As per the Digit Forum members the price of APC 800VA UPS is Rs.2800. But the price in stores is near about 4800-5000. Whats the actual price..
  15. Soumik99

    Buying games

    I want to buy PC games online. I am from Kolkata. I found this games4u site and it looks somewhat good, new games are there in their stock. Anyone has any alternative ideas? Its hard to find stores having new games here.
  16. S

    Want to buy a Dell Laptop,Should I buy Online or go to a store

    Hi I have been window shopping laptops for the last week , and finally decided on Dell. Inspirion. Now I go to the stores and query the prices. Coming back home when I see the website ( I see the prices much cheaper. For ex. Dell Inspirion 15R with Core i3-380m / 2GB Ram 320 GB HDD...
  17. pra85

    Online stores in India

    I wanted to know which are the best online stores (selling computer peripheral) in India and i especially want to know from those people who have brought products from these stores and how do you rate them on scale of 1-5 plz consider things like -shipping(how much time it took,how much...
  18. S

    where to buy gt 440

    hi, can you suggest where can i buy gt 440, i didn't find it in any online stores.
  19. M

    Is there any online PC stores accepting paypal?

    i want to purchase some PC parts through online and pay via paypal. Is there any stores accepting paypal? any idea?
  20. V

    Good shops on lamington road ...

    Hey all you guys living in Mumbai ... Plz please suggest good and affordable shops on lamington road ... (not popular ones ... ) Also are there online stores for India like and .... not its pretty expensiv-er than lamington road ... Thank U all !!!
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