Playstation 2 Noob Questions!!

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I am new to this PS2 stuff and I would really appreciate it if you guys could help.
And plz do not tell me there are thousands of threads with similar issues.
I am starting this thread as I need some answers For my questions.

Alright here it is:
1) Which model of PS2 Is available in the market?
2) Does it come with a modded harddisk drive?
3) What is the advantage of having a HDD modded to PS2?
4) How much does the above modding cost.
5) Does modding of HDD to the PS2 allow games to be stored and played(loaded) from the HDD.
6) We get PS2 at Rs. 6,400 at borivli (anupam stores) are there any cheaper model (best quality stuff) available ?
7) Give me the address of stores where I can get a cheap model?
8) What is the file system of the HDD of a PS2?


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1) Slim version
2) No
3) There is nothing like modded HDD, you have to have a network adapter, in order to use it.
4) Varies......check with you local market. (Rs.500 at max, atleast here in kolkata)
5) Yes you can save game and it does load faster.
6) Man that is the right price.
7) Can't help...maybe lamington road.
8) Don't know.......but why do you need to know? If


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1.)The Slim model.
2.)No.None of the Slim models original or modded come with an in-built HDD.
3.)Having an HDD means you can load PS DVD's on it & load games directly off the HDD.Thus cutting down on load time for the game & constant DVD swaps.
4.)AFAIK You don't have to mod it internally for getting a HDD to work.I have a local shop which has the similar setup & runs games off via external HDD.But not to sure how that works out.Will let you know if I go back there again.
6.)Thats a relatively cheap price you are being offered anyways.If you head out to Indraprasth Shopping centre which is opposite to Anupam the people out there are offering it for 7.3k.Though I'd suggest you look for better deal at Alfa in Irla.
7.)Alfa is located in Irla which is straight off the Andheri station road.You can just ask any rick person to take you out there & I'm sure he'll know it.
8.)The slim PS2 does not have any default HDD.So it depends on the way your format your HDD which you would be attaching.


Thanks for the Information John and allwyn!! I appreciate it...
I had some idea about modding....just tell me if the below is true.

A ps2 has usb ports....You can get a USB HDD case for Rs. 600 or so and then place your PATA HDD in the Usb case.
Then connect it to your PC and format it to the PS2 filesystem.
Then connect the HDD using the USB case to the PS2 and maybe its modded then.....IS the above procedure right???
But how Do I copy games on the HDD after that???

Also is there any place where I can get the modding done for cheap?? I require addresses.



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You can get an external HDD but I have heard that only certain brand of HDD's are compatible with the PS2.Not all drives are directly detected.PS2 doesn't have any specific file system.So it's either NTFS or FAT32.

For backing up the Games on HDD is as easy as creating a standard ISO file & loading them onto your HDD.

Once you get the compatible HDD then there is a software boot disc(USB Extreme/Swap Magic)which needs to be inserted in the PS2 which would load a software for booting the backed up DVD images via the HDD.It's just like playing your Divx files on PS2 via SMS Media player software.There are many guides over the internet as well which would give you a detailed view of how this procedure works.I haven't personally tested it so I can't comment much about it.:(

EDIT: Here's a guide which might just help you a bit.
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