URGE Prob in WMP11

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Hi guys U see i recently installed WMP11(dont ask) i have only asked it to scan 4 muzic in my pc but now all of a sudden a store called URGE is asking me to sign up 4 its services i didnt even ask 4 its services is there any way i can remove this URGE in my online stores tab and reinstate the "online stores" tab back in WMP11????


i use[or rather dont use] wmp 10

durin installation it asks me if i wan 2 enable option of retrieving info abt files form d net

der is also an option 4 online services
i disble both of them w/o thinkin

if u wan2 disable dem go2


and disable ne onlinecommunication dat ur mp is doing
hopefull ur problem shud b solved
keep us posted


Wise Old Owl
Go to URGE>>drop down menu>>select browse all online stores and then urge tab will change to Online Stores. Now everytime you open WMP 11, it will show Online Stores.
Sorry dudes
Aint working..
also whenever i am on d net and start wmp11
then automatically it take me 2 an installation screen 2 install software 2 run URGE.
even whin i say "decline" the URGE tab remains...
its getting really annoying!!!!!!


damn busy...
when you connect to internet while using wmp11 then it searches for online stores and u will see urge appear next 2 the sync tab .don't click the sign in tab next 2 urge.it works.


since URGE is not an actual part of WMP but service provided by MTV u mite wan 2 check out Add/Remove programs 2 c if der is an entry 4 URGE, if present mite as well uninstall it

if not, den u mite want 2 manually select media guide
go 2 full mode if u r not

View->Online Stores->Media Guide

hopefully URGE will vanish and u will get d edia guid icon instead
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