1. doomgiver

    General Query Why are online stores asking me to pay before dispatch? Where is CoD option???

    theITWares, primeAGB, ITDepot all ask for payment first and THEN they will send the items. where is the option for cash on delivery/payment on delivery?? after reading a couple of horror stories here, im considering giving the middle finger to these online retailers and simply buying what i...
  2. Mr.Kickass

    Xiaomi starts selling smartphones at physical stores in India

    (Source) Finally, a way to physically check the phone. (assuming one manages to arrive before they vanish)
  3. V

    iPhone 6 - Online or Offline?

    I am in a dilemma. I want to buy 2 iPhone 6 - 64GB Silver & Space Gray. Now I am not sure whether to buy it online or at Apple store. Apple stores are not dropping price even a single rupee from Rs.62,500/- whereas on Snapdeal I am getting it at 56,500/- & 57,499/-. I am not sure because I have...
  4. pRieSt

    Difference between buying iPhone through (Online, Retail Store OR Apple authorized store)

    I am from Mumbai and have been planning to go for iPhone 5s, but the thing is I am getting cheaper at, Flipkart and some other Retail stores where I've inquired. However at Apple authorized stores in Mumbai they are selling at much more price. Difference in price :
  5. mikael_schiffer

    Best online store for buying computer

    Need to buy PC from online stores since computer parts here are very expensive. For example: Lenovo y510p Core i7 version is Rs78,000 (that too from a freind's shop) but we ordered for Rs72,000 in When i google search for Indian computer stores i only see Flipkart and infibeam and...
  6. A

    PC game DVD stores

    Can anyone post the name/locations of pc game dvd stores who have large collection of pc games in mumbai?
  7. Hrishi

    Urgent Suggestion D5100 Vs D3200 .

    Sony Alpha A58 DSLT Hi Folks , Going to buy a new DSLR today , however I am stuck in the dilemma whether to go for Nikon D5100 or Whether to go for D3200. Getting them for same price . As far as photography experience is concerned , I am a total newbie in it. I need pictures with...
  8. JohnephSi

    Kolkata Nexus 7 2013 stores

    Hi anyone from kolkata please tell me where can i buy nexus 2013 ??
  9. T

    PC stores in Hyderabad

    I'm new to the city. Can anyone tell me some good PC hardware stores which have good product range? Seen some but they sell crap. Thanks.
  10. T

    The Major App Stores

    The app stores are of utmost importance to a software development firm. This is because of the fact that only after mobile apps are uploaded to the major app stores does their credibility rise among the target audience. It is from the app stores that developers can showcase and promote the...
  11. B

    Hardware stores in Pune

    I want to buy ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX660 and Seasonic S12II 520 watts psu. Are there any reliable and cheap hardware stores in Pune? or should I buy them from flipkart?
  12. trublu

    Spotted my photo on various online stores. Should I be worried?

    Back in June '12, I had gone on a trip to Coorg. I had just got an F1.8 50mm lens back then, and took a lot of great snaps with it. Two days back, I was uploading one of the pics to Pinterest, and did a Google image search to know the name of the flower. Google returned "Asus K53SM SX130D"...
  13. A

    Cooler master Elite 371 from online store (cash on delivery)

    hi guys i am aryan form gurgaon. i want to buy cooler master elite 371 but my problem is that around my place there is no computer store which can provide me this cabinet.thats mean i need to buy it from online stores..please provide me some online stores links who also accept cash on delivery...
  14. Terabyte

    The dark side of Apple Stores

    The other side of Apple Stores: employees speak up about corruption, destruction and sexual harassment
  15. P

    need help!

    1. Budget under 20 k strictly and not from online stores 2. Display type and size? any 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? any 4. Preferred choice of brand? samsung, htc, sony... NO lava 5. Preferred input method touchscreen 6. What camera option you want? Please specify need for flash...
  16. B

    Google online shopping event

    I learned about the google online shopping event coming up on 12-12-12 interestingly there are all major stores participating and a the event is gaining a lot of buzz! Let see what it stores! Source -...
  17. MegaMind

    iphone accessories?

    Hey guys, can anyone suggest some good online stores to get iphone 4s accessories?
  18. V

    Lg 32lm3410

    Any reviews on LG 32LM3410? I was going to buy LG 32LM6400 but came across this model and found its features better. This model is not shown on LG India's website but availabe in all lg exclusive stores please if anyone know anything about this model kindly share. PS: Blu ray player is free...
  19. Z

    Need to buy Computer Cabinet - HPTX form factor from my little monster EVGA SR-2

    Hi guys, My EVGA SR-2 arrived. Now, the big problem. The motherboard is very huge. I am unable to fit in normal Cabinet. Please suggest me some FULL TOWER or ULTRA TOWER Cabinet for my gig. HPTX Form Factor I searched online in few stores. There are my options: Cosmos II - This is...
  20. S

    800 mhz ddr3 RAM

    Hi, I am going to buy this motherboard GIGABYTE GA-D425TUD INTEL ATOM DDR3 RAM combo but it only supports 800 mhz DDR3 RAM, but I could not find 800 mhz RAM on any online stores. So my doubt is Will it support 1333 mhz or any other frequencies?
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