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I have a network at home and it is controlled by my brother.
He usually has some of the folders (where he stores the files he wrotes 2 the CDs) password protected.
I frequently need 2 checkout the installers that he stores there so that I can install them on my machine. But i cannot access them until i get the password from my brother. He bullies me into doing favours for him.

I wanted 2 know whether a workaround exists.
I want 2 access his folders without waiting for him 2 give me passwords.

This is not a case of my home alone.
This also happens to atul.
He has a windows2000 network at home and I have windows 98 network.

Solutions for both will be beneficial !!!

Also include windows XP and 2003 server in your solutions........

NOTE:::::: I do not mean to use this for illegal purposes.
So, please HELP me


Right off the assembly line
Sooooooooooo many views but not a single reply !

Doesn't anyone want to help me or is everyone ignorant ?


Ignorance is BLISS !!
I did this quite sometime ago........

But have forgotten the ways by which i used to do it..
I had eBooks for this purpose but they are not meant for sharing with a rookie like you !
Not open for further replies.
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