1. K

    Hard Disk Problem

    I got myself a new WD Hard Disk 3 months back . It was running fine. From yesterday, suddenly it stopped working. It runs fine for few minutes, then suddenly stops. When I try to restart my PC windows is stuck at restarting. Can it be my motherboard problem. (I have to turn on my...
  2. R

    Laptop bluetooth works fine after format but again stops working after some time

    I have a prblem with my samsung laptop.... Bluetooth used to work fine earlier (and still after fresh install of windows).....but after 4 to 5 days of usage and windows updates bluetooth stops working even the tata docomo broadband dongle stopped working......wifi still works....pls help
  3. patkim

    try-outs - dead HDD

    I have a very old (> 10 yrs old) & dead 20 GB HDD that that I am about to throw away now. I however decided to open it and see if I can remove the disks / platters before throwing it away. As I inspect the opened HDD, when connected (using external HDD case) the disk rotates for a few seconds...
  4. .jRay.

    Rip ps2

    Sony stops production of ps2
  5. D

    Webcam suddenly stops recording

    Hi there, I've got a built-in webcam in my laptop (emachines G725). It seems to work normally during video calls etc. as well as when taking photos, but keeps turning off suddenly during recording. Actually the webcam stays on, but it stops recording... it also saves the recording it's made...
  6. V

    cpu problem or mobo's??????

    one night i was using my pc and it suddently turned off and the power led started blinking after that it never started not even the i rma'd the motherboard and tried starting my started but after 15 minutes the same thing happened so i again rma'd the mobo also baught a decent...
  7. A

    [Help] Stuck at Welcome logo

    Yesterday while playing EFLC , the current went and UPS is weak so the PC shut down and restarted.. no problems at all. Again today same thing happened but now, the booting up stops at windows logo where a circle spins beside the Welcome text.. the circle stops spinning and there is no response...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Need help regarding wifi on my netbook

    Hey ppl just got an mtnl wifi router at my house 3 days back .. it works fine with my PC ,netbook and even my ipod but the problem is when im downloading something on my netbook(usually on torrents) and i shut the lid off it stops downloading :?:although when i open the the lid again it resumes...
  9. xtremevicky

    Apple stops Samsung tablet launch in Australia

    SYDNEY: Apple Inc won an agreement from Samsung Electronics Co that the South Korean company won't sell the newest version of its tablet computer in Australia until a patent lawsuit in the country is resolved. Read more Apple stops Samsung tablet launch - The Times of India
  10. A

    game crashes - AMD HD 6850

    i have a Sapphire hd6850 gpu.. while playing games smtimes ati driver stops working and game carshes plz tel d remedy
  11. J

    system shut down after spark like sound

    Hi friends, My Pc automatically shutdown ( Like power off ) after a spark like sound today I face this problem nearly 3 times it stops after 40 to 60 min. please help me in this issue . thanks & regards raj
  12. digit i am thinking

    USB mouse not working

    My desktop pc has a usb mouse. This mouse works for only For a hour or half then it stops working. If i restart pc then it again works fine for a hour and then stops working :? i changed usb port put it another but prob is same :sad: Is this OS(win 32) prob or mouse prob?
  13. ritesh.techie

    Prevent cut, paste, copy, delete, re-naming of files & folders.

    Prevent v 1.0 is a freeware app which runs on all Windows. If you don’t want anyone deleting or renaming or messing around with your data, maybe your younger sibling, then Prevent may be able to help you. The downloaded zip file consists of: 1. Prevent.exe 2. Pre_1 3. Pre_2 4. Read Me...
  14. H

    Couldn't install xp pro... help needed

    Hi.. I cant install windowsXP in my recently bought laptop Acer Extensa4630. But I can install vista or windows7beta without any problem On installing xp, while copying files, it stops abruptly saying that check harddisk configuration. But I need xp .Pls advise...thnx in advance...
  15. R

    Help!! System Fan Stops!! Intermittently

    I seem to have endless problems with my PC! The latest in the long set of probelems is the system fan. When I power-on my pc the sysytem fan starts-up. Then stops ( a long beep is heard). Then starts again(sometimes). I have verified that the connections are fine and...
  16. B

    Problem with my PC...

    My system specifications: processor: Intel dual core 2.8 Ghz 512 Mb RAM 40 Gb hard disk.. I have the system for 2 years and i'm using it for miscellaneous actions.. The problem is that when i run FIFA 07 or open multiple tabs to surf the net, the system shuts off automatically and the CPU...
  17. A

    PC not booting, fan starts and imdtly stops

    after i start my pc only fan starts spining and immedietly stops and then nothing happens to pc. my pc configuration is msi prescitt ready mothrboard, 512 mb ddr1 ram, intel p4 2.66 processor,
  18. K

    bsnl broadband stops working

    :confused::confused::confused: i have bsnl broadband and modem(UT 300R2U). recently i reset my modem but i was unable to connect so i called bsnl customer care they set my connection to bridge type. After that i was able to connect but my internet stops working after 10 minutes i.e status led...
  19. S

    Computer starting trouble

    My Pc a dual core 1.8 with 512 ram has developed a bajaj scooter problem. It starts only when laid on its side. Sometimes it wont start altogether. On opening the cabinet the times it doesnt start with the power on button the fan attempts to move but stops . I have got the fan checked and also...
  20. himanshu_game

    Dvd Writer Problems

    my dvd writes not writing dvd or cd , but sometimes it even refuse to read a DVD samsung OCtoedge SATA 18X what to do PLEASE HELP./............ i hve already wasted 7-8 DVD's trying to WRITE but it it stops at 1 % then there is not even blinking green light on the dvd rw tray....... PLEASE...
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