1. M

    Any suggestions for a QMS solution?

    Is there any freeware tools available for internal quality management? I am looking for a QMS solution for our business. I prefer cloud based applications rather than standalone applications. One of my friend suggested a standalone software called Unipoint. It has powerful features but there is...
  2. bssunilreddy

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Wolfenstein: The Old Blood * Bethesda was at PAX East yesterday to show new gameplay footage from Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the standalone prequel to Wolfenstein: The New Order. * You can...
  3. R

    Standalone Oracle 8i corrupts after restarting XP

    Standalone Oracle 8i corrupts after restarting XP in all the systems in our network. After successful installation its working fine with scott/tiger. But after restart of the machine when scott/tiger is given its saying "oracle not found". Help.
  4. Shah

    VB 2010 Express Standalone Offline Installer

    I have been trying to install VB 2010 Express Edition via web installer in my new PC. Now, The problem is i live in TN where i have to face a power cut of 8 to 10hrs per day. I have only a few hours of continuous power supply here. My BSNL 3G gets disconnected often or the power goes off. So...
  5. g_goyal2000

    Need help connecting Windows 7 & Windows XP through wireless

    I have a standalone laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit with integrated wi-fi. I have a standalone desktop running Windows XP Pro 32-bit with a D-Link Wireless N 150 USB Adapter. Both the PC's have a printer each connected to both of them. Also, I have a MTNL ADSL wireless router...
  6. comp@ddict

    DragonBallZ - Bid For Power

    As the title suggests, anyone played this FREE Standalone Quake III Arena MOD?
  7. S

    Standalone IP Scanning Software

    Dear All, Can anyone please suggest me a Standalone IP Scanning Software (i.e. I need not require to install it) Thanks in advance Subroto
  8. gary4gar

    Internal Error while Installing Vista sp1

    Hi, I am trying to install Windows vista on my notebook lenovo thinkpad R61i but there is some error message. where is a screenshot of the error message. I am running Windows vista Basic OEM. and using the standalone installer (Windows6.0-KB936330-X86-wave1) I could try from...
  9. gauravsuneja

    [rel] standalone stacks for windows

    anybody who knows about windows and leopard shud know that stacks docklet for object dock just like stacks for leopard was released long time ago now standalone stacks has been released *
  10. Cool G5

    Free digital image noise remover

    I need a noise remover software or a plugin to clear some digital images of noise. I searched a lot,but got trialwares. I got a standalone software Neat Image Pro,it's good but after removing noise the images become blurry at some points. So plz suggest a free standalone or plugin.I have...
  11. M

    Announcing Windows Vista SP1 Release Candidate (RC)

    Today we're making available the release candidate (RC) of Windows Vista SP1 via Microsoft Connect, and tomorrow subscribers to TechNet and MDSN will have access to those RC bits too. In addition, the RC will be available to the public next week via Microsoft's Download Center. The release...
  12. A


    can i use my monitor as a standalone tv using tv tuner?how??????
  13. blueshift

    Flash player 8?

    is there a standalone flash player 8 available?
  14. din

    Mozilla - Lightning (sunbird) integration - Any luck ?

    Anybody successfully integrated Lightning, the calendar plugin to Mozilla ? I mean not into Thunderbird but mozilla suite. I remember integrating it before, but the latest ver, I can't install into Mozilla 1.7.x . I do not want to make it standalone (Sunbird) as I need email notofication and...
  15. B

    Standalone Hard Drive HDD with remote?

    Is there any kit or casing available, like that for external USB harddrive, which will make the HDD standalone so that one can copy loads of movies & watch it directly on TV or Monitor?
  16. shreyadr

    which printer to buy ?

    hello friends, i have decided to buy all-in one printer. i have shortlisted LEXMARKS 2250 on the folowing basis. 1) cheaper option of print-scan-copy @ 5000/- compare to hp @ 8500/- 2) standalone copier 3) onsite warranty will anybody who is using the same can enlighten me whether my...
  17. U

    unreal 2 the awakening

    how can i play the movies of the game standalone?
  18. K

    What is a hardware firewall??

    What is a hardware firewall?? Why do we need it?? How does it differ from software firewall?? Is it necessary if I use a standalone computer directly connected to the internet via Broadband/Dial-Up??
  19. S

    Video repeats

    I have a Toshiba SD 42HK home theatre system. Whenever I try to play any VCD , my standalone DVD player plays it for sometime and then starts playing from the starting point again. What should I do??? I have noticed this usually takes place between 0-15 minutes of the track only. I had applied...
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