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New AC vs. old AC


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Hi friends,

I have a old Whirlpool 1.5 ton window AC. Recently around 15 days back it gave problem in cooling. I called the engineer and he said that the gas is leaked and hence he charged me Rs.1500/- for filling the gas. He said that the gas problem is in all homes which are near a nala.

Now 2 days back it again finished cooling. I called the same engineer and this time he again said that the gas has leaked and this time it has leaked from the right hand side coils. he also showed me the oil coming out of the coils.

Now he says that it can't be repaired but the coil has to be changed and after that the gas has to be filled. He now will be charging Rs.4000/- for these coil change and gas filing.

1. Now I want to know will it be better to sell the current AC (pls tell what should be its selling price) and buy a new one as it is already 5 years old and buy a split AC instead of it as i think it will be safe as its main body will be inside the house and it will not be affected by its nala.


2. Should I continue with the same AC by getting it repaired?

3. Please also suggest one split AC for me in the budget of Rs.35000/- Max.


Kya baat hai, no replies. Is this forum going to die soon.


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I will suggest to go for a new AC... split are good as they also saves some electricity and cools fast.

As for the suggestion of selling I am not sure. better deal with the shop and ask them to exchange.

Since you have a nice budget, I will suggest you to go with Hitachi as they have a better electric consumption rate or otherwise go with Voltas, they have nice service and the product is nice as well
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